HAPPEHHH BIRTHDEYYYY TO MEEEEE!!!! Okay so much for the jeje text but I had just turned 19 last Saturday (April 27). I was proposing that mom and I go to TWG at Greenbelt 5 to have teatime, but she said that it was too far and that the prices were so expensive, so I suggested teatime at Bizu instead. So yeah, I'm just so vain I need to camwhore about what I did that day after the jump.  And I'll be spending my time explaining the frequently asked question as to why Bizu's (and Laduree's and any other place's) macarons are expensive. 

I didn't give it a thought and went straight to ordering their afternoon tea set (775 pesos/ set) , just because I'm just as fabulous as their tea (yeah I'm a narcissist sometimes deal with it). 
Taken from http://www.bizupatisserie.com/our_food/products/37/38

I chose their cherry firework tea, but since it was unavailable, I went for my second choice of fudge caramel tea. GAHH, the tea is great. I mean everybody may be all over TWG, but Bizu will always have its place in great teatime. The roasted flavor of the tea alongside the notes of caramel and chocolate make it a truly decadent drink. It's even better with milk and honey! 

And who doesn't love every single thing on the teatime platter? I couldn't decide on a 'favorite' because it  had everything I wanted: FANCYYYY FOOOOOOOD. Okay, I'll be honest, the lemon tart was a bit off and tasted somewhat like near-to-rotten eggs laced with lemon, and that the cheese on the skewer had a really pungent taste. But other than that I loved the sandwiches, the macarons, and cakes! The egg sandwiches were the so-so kind of food, but the smoked salmon and aioli tartare was the best! I love how generous the salmon portions are! GAHHH. It was the first time I had caviar in my whole life hahahaha laugh at me now for being uncivilized, and I must also praise the generous amounts of caviar that they slather on the steamed shrimp XD 

And look at those macarons! Bizu must spend a lot of money (alongside time) in making them... A big chunk of the ingredients for macarons is crushed almonds-- like a big chunk of the dry component is almond flour, and lots of it. Macarons also do not use egg yolks, so imagine where all the unused egg yolks go (assuming the egg yolks needed for custards and the like have been used already). 

I've also heard that you can't make macarons in the rain unless you have a professional/industrial use dehumidifier in your bake area. You also can't make macarons in the Philippines without air conditioning. And you can't keep the macarons exposed for too long in air after baking lest they will become tough instead of melt in your mouth. 

GAHH they have macarons that they stuff with ice cream! GAHHH!

Everything can basically go wrong when you're baking a macaron: there might be no feet (the flat layer that has those rough edges and seems distinct from the top puff of the sandwich), the macaron might break in half as you take it off the bake tray, or the macaron may have imperfections on the top. Or for all we know a possum can break into your bake area and eat your goods and not regret it... 


 So that explains why each Bizu macaron is 55 pesos. XD

AND THE BEST PART: THE CLOTTED CREAM THAT CAME WITH THE SCONES. Yeah I'm a lowlife who has never eated clotted cream. Ako na, teh! 

Yeah I'm such a lowlife that this is how the clotted cream looked like after less than 5 minutes. Yeah momma had a part but I was the worse lowlife. But the scones were also exceptional; they were buttery, soft and had the just-right flaky texture. I was sad that only 2 came in the tea set as I could eat thousands of those forever and ever ho ho ho *fat Mari in action*.

And for those wondering momma was busy feeding the camwhore in me, and daddy was more of the passive eater today... 

But still momma had her fill of some yummy mixed ravioli.

So yaaay! HBD to me!

Hope that you also have a nice teatime at Bizu!