Yeah I need to pretend like I'm a Victoria's Secret model with all the clutter in our house because only so rarely will you find a cake so decadent. It's so decadent that me who never goes to places beyond 10 minutes travel time from our house took the 30 minute effort to get to Valle Verde 2 just to get the cake, and that my brother who always give uber neutral comments on food sang his praises over this cake. I'm not sure if a lot of people know it already but I'll be talking about Camille Ocampo's creme brulee cake after the jump. 

Okay so I'm not close to Camille Ocampo, and the story as to how I got to try her cake is too long to type so I might be saving it for another time. What's just important is that I loved her cake so much when I tried it for the first time that I was in uber hot pursuit to find out about her, about how I could contact her, and of course, how I could order a cake for her. With the help of the ever trusty google, I was able to find her twitter and her contact number.

She sells her creme brulee cakes for 800 a cake. I think it's 900 if you want add on mangoes in your cake, but since I'm not a fan of ripe mangoes (I go ga ga ga ga ga for the unripe ones), I went with the plain one. The cake is no frills-- the presentation is not grand, no icing on the sides, and it comes in a plain white box on a silver cake board. There's no label at all, no sticker with her number or anything. No nothing. And she does not deliver-- the only pick up point is at her place in Valle Verde II. But it's an amply sized cake, eh? For size reference I took a photo of the cake beside a CD. XD

It may be a no frills cake or even downright ugly when put beside very decorated cakes most bakeshops do nowadays, but it's the quality of the cake that gets to me. The angel food layers are just so soft, spongy, and downright lovely. We also appreciated that the sponge cake layers were not too sweet... The most special part about her cake, as the title and a gazillion of my words have implied, is the blowtorched sugar on top, a.k.a the creme brulee layer. IT'S. JUST. HEAVENLY. 

It tastes caramelly but also tastes buttery at the same time. The sweetness from the creme brulee top just complements the sponge cake layers that are a bit milder in taste. It's just perfect... 

 The cake layer is just so moist that GAHHHH. But I think that it would be too unfair to not note the buttercream in the center. YEASH THAT IS BUTTERCREAM IN THE CENTER FKJFLKJSDLKFJLKDJFLSKDJFLJ. 

JUST LOOK AT THAT BUTTERCREAM! It's as thick as a cake layer itself! Imagine how much cream you get in E-VE-RYYYY bite! Wah wah wah! 


Okay, back to reality. This is where the disadvantage of the cake comes: it's not as structured as most cakes because of the thick buttercream, and as you slice it the sponge cake slices may displace, and you may squeeze out some of the buttercream instead of getting to slice the cake cleanly. It would be hard to use a normal knife and you would most likely have to use a cake knife to decently get a slice of the cake.

 Putting it in the fridge is okay, but it's recommended that you eat it within 2 days as the cake gets drier after each day and becomes less fluffier. Mom felt that at the next day, the cake seemed to have lost its magic. Dad on the other hand found it as a mediocre cake after a night in the fridge. My brother is still madly in love with it even after X number of days. I personally think that it's really yummy but it is true that the cake becomes drier after a night in the fridge. I think Camille still needs to work out on how to keep her cakes eternally soft as cakes Estrel's still stay soft and fluffy even after a day or two in the fridge ... 

I'm also taking my time to honestly voice out that the text hotline's personnel (because I don't think Camille personally handles the said number) replies quite slowly and sparsely.... When I ask questions, is usually takes at least 8 hours for the person to answer, and sometimes a question gets left unanswered (like the reply is only for one out of two questions). I texted an inquiry about her other famous product (her calamansi cupcakes) to supposedly blog about them too but I didn't receive a reply. 

(EDIT: Camille replied to me and clarified that she personally manages the number, hence the slow replies when she's at work. But still, she never apologized nor acknowledged what happened. This is why in all the years this post has been up we never ordered a cake again from them.)

What hurts the most was that I was texted on the Thursday before my Saturday birthday that my order was received, BUT when I got there, there was no cake in my name! The assistants rummaged through their logbooks but didn't see my name in it! Shocking! The cake that I got was the emergency extra cake that they had in the fridge. :( HUHU. Just think of what would have happened to the three of us (me, mom and pops) who personally went there to pick up the cake had there been no extra emergency cake! (*Imagine a teenager and two adults burning the city down and blasting Justin Bieber songs on giant speakers non-stop*). When I texted the number as to how come that happened, there was also no reply so technically I still don't have an explanation nor an apology as to why that happened. No matter how great their cakes are, it's never a nice thing to forget someone's order especially if it's for a birthday... 

So my best suggestion is for people to text early in case replies come in late, or call if need be. Overall the cake is really decadent and I'm highly positive I'll be ordering again, but I hope they don't forget any more of my orders ever again. LIKE. EVER. 

Anyways, as usual, these are my camwhoring photos. Yipee! 

Camille Ocampo
Pick up point is at CKHA Valle Verde II but I'd rather keep the full address private as protection

Good luck! I hope you don't get the emergency spare cake like me!