We were recently so happy to have received a red velvet cake from one of mom's good friends. It was as a belated present for momma's birthday last May 20, and even if the cake was for her I was the first one to dig in! Karen's Kitchen cakes are just so delectable. <3 

Of course we were very grateful to Auntie Anne who gave this cake to us that we just had to make the cake camwhore with the greeting tag she sent the cake with. Ha ha ha. 

The cake looks wonderful and tastes wonderful! The red layers are really very, very moist. Like super moist. And I just love the thick slapping of cream cheese frosting on top! It's a bit sticky per se, but for someone like me who loves cream cheese frosting, it's okay! 

I'm guessing that she probably has gelatin in her frosting so that it won't melt off the cake... I mean if you were to just rely on coldness alone, you cannot make such a smoothly iced cake, and definitely the icing would melt off in a jiffy. This is probably why the icing seems so thick and sticky to the taste, but that's alright. 

And who doesn't like white chocolate shavings on an already decadent cake? Eh, eh? 

The cute thing about this cake is that it even comes with a Bible verse at the bottom of the cake! How cute! D'awwwww! 

Just look at how thick the frosting is... I know I'll gain weight for it but it's just too thick and good to miss! 

Be sure to visit their Facebook page! No, I'm not paid to do this, I just genuinely like the cake... 

Karen's Kitchen (by Karen Young)
Unit 107B, #210 Zodiac Street, Palm Village, 1211 
(632) 898-2280 or 2880 or (0917) 539-4968