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Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Top 10 Minor Tsinoy Problems

So in my previous post I focused on heavier problems that Tsinoys today face. But today, Im'ma go to the lighter side of things and put in the top 10 minor problems of Tsinoys. This is meant to be a joke. 

1.) Everybody's having a party this year and all the lauriats are making you fat. 

2.) Your stubby nose becomes super apparent when you pose beside a Caucasian. 

3.) Your homeland's diplomatic ties are based on furry mammals. 

4.) Awkward photos with Chinese tourist spots in the background.

5.) The lumpia wrapper ran out before you even got to get your share of roast duck 
Not my photo, from this site

6.) Crabs in China that come with security tags. I just hope the store alarm doesn't beep while they bite my bag! 

7.) Toyo circles

From this site 

8.) Peter Griffin on your made in China briefs 

9.) ATM machines in China describing your personality 

10.) Chinese brand names like these... 

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