Sorry for the backlog guys! I've just been so busy lately that I haven't been uploading stuff on time... But yeah! I did 3 looks in 3 hours on my best friend Denivee last May! This photo here is the before and after for my photography makeup homework. On her right side I made a sort of bridal look and on her left side I did makeup meant for black and white photography. Unlike the right side, almost all the eye and lip makeip here is black. 

I also did a natural makeup look on her. I simply used soft brown tones on her eyes and put in some mildly colored lip color. 

And then I made a dramatic bridal look on her. I basically did a gradient effect with 4 plum colored eyeshadows and used super dramatic false eyelashes on her. I put the plum colors on top of the brown color I already have. 

 We even did a spoof on what people usually do for wedding photos! Like the one wherein the bride stares into the mirror happily in front of the makeup. Ha ha. 

And this is the final look, the dramatic bridal look, where she went home in. 3 looks in 3 hours!