Ta da! I'm selling bra strap clips! Hahaha and as usual my title already summarized the whole post. Sp what are these bra clips? Da hell? Okay I'll be showing photos on how they work... 

So this is how they work. You hook the clip onto your bra straps to keep them in the center of the back as in the photo. By doing this, you can use normal strap bras on your racerback tank tops with no problems of it beong seen. It's versatile as in general, it helps to avoid awkward bra strap slips, whatever your top may be. 

And did I forget to mention that the help the posture and boost cleavage? You can get an instant cup size increase with these babies! They can help to make an illusion of a more youthful and less saggy bust! Hooray! 

So far the ones I'm selling are accessible via my facebook page  or by texting 0906 775 7544. I'm also selling them at affordable prices because the last I heard other sellers are selling these items for 250 for 3 pieces! 

For sizing perspective, here is my trusty caliper! Hooray! 

Call me maybe if you want these clips!