This is a long overdue post! Tee hee!!! And look at oily me and Myrtle together! (I've known her since 2010 and this is kind of a reunion after almost 2 years of not seeing her) 

So I have long been trying to apply at this makeup company, MMUAH (Manila Makeup and Hairstyling Company). And I have already started to think that maybe they're not in need of applicants as all my queries have gone unanwered for months. That was until my friend Krisna (who was friends with the head of MMUAH, Paloma), introduced me to her. 

It was June 27 when Paloma started texting me. She asked if I could do a little help in the Project Genderway fashion show coming up the next day. It was a fashion show that was to culminate the UP Gender Pride week and was to feature models of the LGBT community as well as models of all sizes (not just the skinny ones!). The call time was 3PM. Since I was only available starting 5:30 PM, I thought that maybe by the time I arrive I would just be doing touch ups and patting powder on the in case the models' skin started to get oily. 

I WAS WRONG. TERRIBLY WRONG. They had been told that the deal was to do makeup on 20 models but on the actual day itself, almost 40 models came- twice the number promised! Quite intense for a first gig. 

So when I got there, I immediately got to work and did a smoky eye on my first model. Since Paloma and I just "met" the day before, I was not informed of the peg that they had, and went with a blue and green smoky eye. She was also too busy to monitor that my first model ended up with blue eyes. 

Photo from UP Babaylan's Facebook page. Link

But meh, even if the color is not apt for the peg, at least it registers nicely on the photos! The wonders of Shu Uemura eyeshadow!!! 

Photo from UP Babaylan's Facebook page. Link

Photo by Rappler. Link

I also did a bit of makeup for Rod Singh, the head of UP Babaylan. I didn't do much of the face already as he already had foundation on. I just did the eyes.
Photo by Rappler. Link

My third model was Jules Guiang, the vice chairperson of the student council. Sadly, I (nor Rappler nor UP Babaylan), have a photo of him on the fashion show date. So meh I have nothing to put here. 

My fourth model was Ashley. This time I was already aware of what I was supposed to do and put more neutral colors on her eyelids.

I'm just a tad bit sad that since I had to handle so many other things after I did her makeup, I wasn't able to puff powder, hence her oily nose and forehead in the rappler photo. 

Photo by Rappler. Link

The last full face I did for the day was my friend Mae's. I was supposed to do makeup on someone else because Mae was coming out 2nd to the last model, but I went on with doing her makeup anyways. And besides it's all good as someone else did the other model's makeup hahaha.
Photo from UP Babaylan's Facebook page. Link

I gave her a shimmery eye, with lots of black and pearl white on the eyelids. The blush is minimal though because that's the peg. As for the lips I broke the rules anyways and put a pink color on her instead of a nude color. Since she was in a very dramatic outfit, I thought that the makeup should also be as dramatic, and that nude lips will not work given the heavy lighting... 
Photo by Rappler. Link
And I no longer included photos but I did touch ups for other girls as well! I retouched the powder, smudged eye shadows and faded blush colors on the cheeks. Meh, t'was tiring! 
The event taught me a lot about working fast as a makeup artist. On average when I was still in makeup school I spent 45 minutes to 1.5 hours on one model. BUT on that night, I had to do a full face in 20-30 minutes, and of course the work still had to be okay even if I worked super quickly. I still sit in awe thinking that I was able to do almost 6 faces in 2.5 hours!!! HEH!!! 

This is what I say to myself meheheheheh >:) 

Going baaaaack, this event taught me that in the real industry you cannot demand for a lot of things you think are given to makeup artists. For one my makeup kit was on a bench, not properly spread out on a table. The bench space I had was like 1/3 of the bench only! Haha. It came to the point that I even had to let the models hold some of the makeup because there just wasn't enough space! It was so crowded that I was standing up through the whole ordeal.

There were no big mirrors either, and the lighting was very poor (poor because makeup requires very bright light bulbs). I had to make do and hope that the makeup would not look pale in stage lights, and make do with the small mirror I had brought in my kit. 

This is definitely a very adventurous first gig!