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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Fanny Serrano Eyeshadow Quad

Hi everyone! I know that some people are uncomfortable to buy Fanny Serrano products as it's more of a masa brand, but for a masa brand it's really good. In fact it can even par up to my more expensive eyeshadows! Wag mamaliitin si Tita Fanny! 

And to get an eyeshadow quad of reliable quality (they're made in Taiwan, not China!) for 150 pesos is definitely a steal! So let me get into more detail on this eyeshadow quad...

So this is the exterior of the eyeshadow quad. It's almost like a rectangular version of Chanel's eyeshadow quads, eh? 

Even the interior is almost the same! Ha ha ha. The only difference is that the eyeshadow pigments are not puffed up and are pressed flat. 

If you're not so choosy or if you're not such a social climber, imagine how much money you can save by buying this palette! 150 pesos is a whole lot cheaper than the original Chanel palette which is about 2700 pesos... 

These are the colors up close... 

This is the yellow color in the palette... 

This is the reddish brown color in the palette. 

And the brownish color in the palette... 

And the orange-ish color in the palette... (Kay it's a bright orange color but the lighting in the photo makes it dimmer than it really is...) 

And these are the swatches of the colors on my arm... 

As you can see, the color is translucent yellow, not opaque yellow, so don't worry and live your life! 

Tell me what you think about this palette!

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