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Friday, August 16, 2013

Throwback Thursday: California Gurl FOTD

A few months back, I finally lived out my dream of being a California Gurl, well in terms of the makeup and the wig. I still don't have a costume yet. And it's apparent from the photo that I do not live in a cotton candy wonderland.

So before I even get onto my post, I'm sure many will be asking where I got my wig and I'll answer it now.  I bought it from Katy Perry's merchandise store online (powered by Bravado I think) for 30 US dollars if I remember correctly. I had previously tried to buy a wig from Hong Kong, but it was too curly and long for this one. Moreover, it stil didn't have the hairband with the heart. So even if it's a splurge, I went on with buying the wig anyways.

It's pricey for a wig as I usually spend just about 20 US dollars for a wig, but it;s worth every penny. The hairs are really soft and fine, and easy to brush. This is a big plus because a lot of wigs have hairs that tangle frequently that maintenance is gruesome. I have wigs that I have to flat iron after every use, and I have this super long one that will not detangle even after lots of ironing, detangling spray and all that jazz. My only complaint though is that the hairband is not stiff or tight enough that it keeps on falling off my head. In this shoot I had to re-put it back on at least five times... I could pin it but it would look awkward on the photos... so yeah... it's not a good thing. 

Okay now I'm off to showing my makeup. I know it's not so visible when my eyes are opened (due to the uber dramatic falsies), but I have glitter all over my eyelid. I used a waxy base then added in the glitter. I then used pink toned eyeshadows on my eyelid, to copy Katy's orchid colored eyes. I think I used 5 eyeshadows for this as I didn't have glitter in the correct color... 

I did some gentle contouring on the nose, mildly strong eyebrows. And just a soft pink lipstick. I wanted to go for a shocking neon color, but it just didn't seem to blend well with the already shockingly colored wig and eyeshadow color, so I went for this softer pink. 

One of these days I'll be sure to migrate to Candyfornia and live out my California Gurl dreams... 

But I have yet to get a costume done... 
Ha ha ha. 


  1. hi dear, you are so talented in putting on makeup! i am late bloomer when it comes to makeup i just watch youtube vids. interested to follow each other?

    1. Sure! saan? sa FB/twitter/google friend service/YouTube or bloglovin?

      And I also have a makeup channel! Feel free to follow!

    2. hangdameng apps hihi! followed you on bloglovin, g+ circles, twitter. watching ur youtube vids, first saw it in canmake fb.. are u self taught or attended school :) pls check out my site for the follow buttons thanks

    3. hee hee na follow na kita! Thanks for the following and all! :D As for me, I would say that I learned the basics in school (Makeup Design Academy) and the crazy looks (like this post) through my experiences as a cosplayer...

    4. thanks yes, u appear on my g+ and twitter na. wow u r a pro pala! that's so awesome. as for me basically trial and error lang.. 20 plus na ko nagmakeup although i like looking at dem colorful eye candies.

    5. Hahah galing rin ako dyan! As in puros trial and error! but I wanted to take it to the next step and to avoid repeating errors I may have been doing, and isama na rin na yung mom ko kahit na hindi mag mamakeup artist nag aral rin ng makeup artistry hahaha...