I just had to chronicle the first time I made lemon bars. For a long time lover of lemon flavored desserts, I too, am wondering as to why this is the first time I have ever made a lemon flavored dessert. 

But of course there has to be a first time, eh? 

So I whip up this batch of lemon bars, and I uploaded a photo of it on Facebook, such that any person who likes the photo shall get a share. Within an hour or so the number of likes already exceeded the bars I had. 

I was shocked because I was always under the impression that very few people like lemon flavored desserts. XD 

These bars are surely good, and the raves other people gave on the website of the recipe were correct. I'll be sure to make this again when we have lemons and flour again (because I used it all up in these baking escapades.)