So I recently made sweet corn stew. All because 1.) I missed cooking 2.) I missed cooking. 3-100.) I missed cooking. 

So what is that giant block that you see above?  That my friend, is a stew roux. If we have our soup mixes and magic viand seasonings, the Japanese have roux. It works such that when you sautee vegetables and meat, add water to a boil and put those roux blocks in, they will dissolve and the sauce of what you're cooking will thicken like a cream based soup, or of course, like a stew. 

Roux blocks come in many flavors, kinds, and brands. There are roux blocks available curry stew, cream stew, pumpkin stew, beef stew, and so many other stews. And that they also come in many brands. 

And this brand is just too cute they even have the mascot in the wrapper!