It's hard to make students understand the value of the services of a makeup artist. It truly is. It's hard to make them realize that a person who has gone to makeup school will charge 1000 or more for one session, and will even charge additional for add on crystals/stick ons and false eyelashes.

I don't charge, despite having gone to makeup school and having knowledge of professional makeup artistry, and all I want is respect for what I do. I just want to be informed of things concretely and allowed to exercise my creative freedom as an artist when left without concrete comments. 

It is just hard to work with people who simply do not know how hard it is to do makeup on a lot of people.

This is most definitely a rant post in how I was treated.

I wake up at 5:30 and get to the school gym at 6:30. As it is I was already given an early call time but was made to wait until 8 in the morning because of a lot of other things like fear of sweating off the makeup and rehearsals. I could have also just been told to come at 7:30 to 8 ish, instead of sitting like a fool for almost 2 hours. 

I didn't mind the wait so much because I was really excited to execute my vision. 

UNTIL I was already halfway and the cheerdancers were ordered to remove their crystals and false eyelashes. The crystals I would have understood, but the false eyelashes? What's with them? WHAT?

It was just extremely frustrating to just hear concrete comments when I was already halfway through everything. If I was with the first girl, or if I still hadn't stuck anything, I would have gladly obliged to it. But to order the removal of something I had so painstakingly applied, how disrespectful can it get? 

I could have been told all these things waaaaay before the event!!! It was very easy to directly tell me that falsies and crystals were not allowed or wanted, instead of very vague comments that made me think that the peg was already generally fine.

I regret having used my expensive spirit gum for sticking the crystals (crystals whose reflective backings are bound to dissolve because of the glue and be ugly the next time), and that I had already cut the eyelashes to the cheerdancers' sizes!!! And though it was probably an innocent mistake, some of the girls didn't even give back the falsies! 

Even if the girls themselves were thankful, I definitely could not feel any bit of glee about all this-- me coming so early only to be waiting like a fool, not getting concrete comments then having to deal with such disrespect to my work, and all the time and effort I wasted on this. 

 I definitely could have just used the morning to get some beauty sleep, or do makeup for other people instead. People who can appreciate my creative direction, people who know how hard it is when you are dolling up 10 people in an hour. 

This is why, folks, today, I dealt with an ingrate.