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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Salvaging Makeup Adorably / Birthday Gift Ideas

Awhile back (last May), I was busy preparing my best friend Denivee's gift bag. Her birthday is on September but I always like to prepare the present early and give it early so that when it's September she has long received her present from me. Usually September is a hectic month for me so I prepare early to avoid mishaps. One of the gifts I got her this year was a magnetic palette I personally put together for her. I bought a cosmetic case from Saizen and used a magnetic sheet we got from National Bookstore to make the palette. Knowing her, she's more of a no frills girl so I just intended to put powder, blush, some hairpins and some safety pins in the palette. This is how it actually looks like. 

Saturday, September 14, 2013

13 Reasons Why A Cosplayer Doesn't Want to Lend You Costumes

Okay, before I even get started, let me put up a disclaimer: This post applies to the cosplayers who DO NOT make a living from costume sales and rentals. And if a person does not heavily advertise his or her costume rental services, chances are he/she will be able to relate to this post's content. 

1.) We don't care about your photobooth, we just don't care. So don't even think of asking us if we're willing to lend our wigs for your photobooth.
Our wigs are cosplay quality, they cost 1000-3000 pesos depending on the style or quality. Don't mistake them for the 100 peso cheapo wigs you'll see in photobooths.
2.) We don't want your sweat on our clothes. Like NO.
For one some costumes are not easy to clean, and even if the costume is easy to clean, well it still might have icky other-people germs afterwards. EWW. 

3.) Baka may kuto ka pa sa ulo mo mahawa pa kami pag sinuot mo wig namin. 
Binuhol mo na nga yung wig, hinawaan mo pa kami ng kuto. Imbyerna ba naman oh.