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Friday, November 29, 2013

CanMake x Tokyo Posh Japanese Beauty Workshop (Part 3)

This blog post is the third installment of my blog posts on the beauty workshop presented by CanMake cosmetics and Tokyo Posh on November 28. This post focuses on the makeup workshop specifically. If you also wish to see the makeup that they had on display on the day of the event, please go here. On the other hand, if you wish to see the Tokyo Posh segment of the event, please go here .

So this is Miss Bea Almeda, chief makeup artist of CanMake, prepping her model for the day, Hennessy. She's putting a pink cape on the model; I know it looks like a bib but this is actually done so as to prevent any powder or eyeshadow fallout from ruining the model's clothes. Makeup artists do this especially when the client is already in her outfit for her party or event, so as to prevent any accidents. 

In a nutshell, they presented what Gyaru makeup is all about. So basically, gyaru is just the Japanese term for gal, it's just that their alphabet (katakana) doesn't have the accommodations for the quick 'iya' sound that we make when saying gal (because we say it somewhat like gi-ye-al quickly) nor the letter L. 'Gyaru' is the closest spelling that their alphabet can afford this word. 

So the look just embodies what a gal should embody-- bright, big eyes, cutesy vibes and a sweet and innocent look. 

So this is a sample of what gyaru should look like... 

And this is basically the summary of the makeup part of the event... 

The first pointer that Miss Bea gave out was to determine your skin type. If Socrates were a beautician, this is what he would probably say: Know thy skin. Ha ha ha. So it's important to know how your skin is because this will influence the kinds of makeup that you should buy and those that you should avoid. 

Friday, November 29, 2013

CanMake x Tokyo Posh Japanese Beauty Workshop (Part 1)

To those who missed it, CanMake and Tokyo Posh had a collaboration event yesterday (November 28)! The two brands shared tips and tricks on how to achieve the perfect gyaru hair and makeup for the holidays! They also shared tips on how to make your looks more versatile so that you can look your best in all the holiday parties you're about to attend. As for the tutorials they shared, I'll be putting it in another post (click here for the gyaru makeup tutorial and here for the Tokyo Posh hair tutorial) as it's very pic heavy. This post is just for the photos I took of the event venue itself...

This event was held at the Club Function Rooms in Amorsolo Square, where The Rockwell Club is situated. There was a snack table which had a lot of good food (even if it doesn't look like a lot here in the photo hahaha). I tagged my mom along to this event and she totally loved the pizza (and so did I!)

You will definitely go crazy with all the CanMake stuff for sale and on how cute the display set up is! In Hong Kong they no longer have this kind of uber cutesy set up in their stalls and carts... But today I didn't buy anything as I still had a good supply of CanMake items at home, despite the special discount they offered at this event. 

This is how the whole table looks... 

And this is the current roster of testers that they have. Since they're still a baby company here in the Philippines, they still do not have the whole product line, and they have yet to expand this tester set. As far as I know the whole product line of CanMake cosmetics, if testers would be provided for each one, it would occupy at least four times the space that this current set is taking up. 

And of course, their uber famous and hot-selling cream cheek products were on display... I have yet to know if those silicone cups are Fred's brand (as I do have the same looking product and I bake in them)

And just look at all the cutesy stuff they have! I just love the decoden mirror they have!

Meanwhile, this is the makeup stash of Miss Bea Almeda, their chief makeup artist... Lotsa stuff indeed!

And more photos of their eyebrow pencils, powders, and of course the coveted cream blush... 

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Tiffany & Co. New Brochure Book Scans

I visited a Tiffany store lately and just couldn't help but make scans of some of the pages because it's super pretty... 

The cover is already regal in itself. 

Because if you look closely, it's beautifully embossed. 

And the jewelry spreads are so pretty <3 

These are the kinds of jewelry that you shouldn't wear in the Philippines. Ha ha. 

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Garnier Sakura White Gentle Cleansing Foam Review

I don't think that this has launched here in the Philippines yet, but I strongly believe that Garnier should also bring in the whole Sakura White line! This line has already been released in China long ago (I bought this April 2013, but it's only now I'm blogging about it) and recently to Singapore and other Asian countries as well. Tayo na lang ang kulang! 

So to start off, the Sakura White line includes this facial cleanser, a facial essence and a cream, as is usual with Garnier's other product lines. I still had essence at the time I bought this so I only bought the facial cleanser. 

This facial cleanser is just so good that upon trying it in our hotel room in China, I was so impressed that I went back to the store next day to buy another one! 

So what makes this facial wash that great? 

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Changes to Blog Interface

Hi guys! So you may have noticed some of the new changes to tbe log I put in last night! First thing's first, I changed the background from a polka dot one to a floral one, and I chose a more mellow colored banner to be the blog's header.

Moreover, I changed the blog widths. I know it's not that obvious but yes, I did. This was because I realized that I'm working on such a wide screen that when the blog is viewed on smaller computers, the blog gets chopped up or the person even has to scroll left and right just to see the whole page! So for more convenience I changed blog widths...

And actually, those six heart icons that you see are also new additions that I placed just this week! Aren't they cute?

What do you think of the new interface? Tell me your thoughts on the comments box! 

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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Floral Prints on my The Face Shop Nail Polish

I did some floral nail stamp designs on my nails using my Konad stamp set. The base, as what is said on the title, is The Face Shop's powder blue nail polish. 

I like the color of this nail polish a lot that I even have another nail polish post talking about it. 

What can you say? 

Thursday, November 14, 2013

My Etude House Apricot Stick

One of my ever trusty run-to beauty items is my Etude House Apricot Stick. I love everything about it: it keeps my lips smooth, provides a good pinkish tint to my lips, and it's affordable!

This one that I own is in shade number 4.

What I like about it the most, is that it can instantly make me look refreshed and less haggard. It may be just a simple lip color, but even if I don't put in other makeup, I instantly look more refreshed.

I've always noticed that Miranda Kerr rarely steps out withour red lipstick. And sometimes she already skips putting makeup on her eyes and just has lipstick.

Lip color can really do a lot to make someone look fresh.

And I use this stick too much to the point that it already has cracks on the cover...

And as I write this I am already on the bottom that I already have to use my fingernails to get the product out. I use this product too often that it's already finished. 

Wanna be sweet? Play Etude <3 

And off to the more serious stuff! 

Product Name:
Etude House Apricot Stick

Product Description:
Vitamin, apple and lemon extract additives promote lip softness and resiliency with a variety of mouth watering shades. 


Product Specification:
Type: Colored Lip Balm/ Lip Stain 
Scent: As the name implies, smells like apricots, or a sweet fruit in general...
Net Weight: 2.5 grams
Number of Variants: Comes in 5 shades
SPF?: None
Country of Origin/ Production: Korea
Available at: All Etude House outlets
Price: Php 198

-comes in 5 shades, and in colors that suit most skin tones
-smells really nice

-not necessarily able to get rid of chapped lips
-my lips don't really absorb the product, but rather it looks caked on at times

Friday, November 08, 2013

CANMAKE Highlighter and Shading Powder

Hey everyone! I just made the best decision of my life! I finally got myself CANMAKE's Shading Powder and Highlighter powder! 

No, I was not paid to do this or write about this. And I paid for my own makeup as you will see later. But what makes me so happy is that for the longest time I have been using all sorts of brown eyeshadow colors as contouring powder but there's always something wrong. 

I used to use this brown eyeshadow I got from Hong Kong, at Argyle center, but it was too red. 

Then I started using NYX's bronzer for contouring. The product is good in itself, as with any NYX product, but well my face had a healthy bronze line on my nose bridge. Ha ha ha. 

And then I tried this ash gray color that Suesh sells. Well, it doesn't look so red or so shiny anymore, but i ended up looking dirty. It looked like soot on my face! A good example is my Kim Kardashian makeup experiment, even if I think the eye makeup was fine, my nose looked horrible, and there was pretty much nothing I could do about it! 

If I reduced the eyeshadow, my nose would look too pale relative to my face. On the other hand, if I added more color, my face would look even dirtier. Either way it won't lead to something good so I left it as is. 

So now, lo and behold, I now have my own CANMAKE Highlighter! Yipee! 

This highlighter is 05, the baby beige shade. The other variant for this product is the pearl white one. I was thinking of getting the pearl white one, but the sales lady advised me to get this one because it looks more natural and will work better in most situations. I think the pearl white one will work well for theatre or for the evening, but I think this goes better in the daytime or under natural lighting. 

And as the sticker implies. I got it from SaSa in Hong Kong for 70 HKD (Php 385). But not to worry as CANMAKE has already started beautifying girls here in the Philippines! You can get your fix here

And did I mention that it comes with a super soft brush??? I promise you that this isn't the stiff, random fiber brush that most other makeup brands come with. It comes with exceptionally soft fibers, soft enough that I am now considering applying this product to babies' faces hahahah. 

And this is my shading powder. The sticker on the top says that it provides a matte finish, with no pearlizing powders, to help create a naturally smaller face (my Japanese isn't the best, but that's more or less what it said tee hee). 

Profile Summary 
Product Name:
CANMAKE Highligher (05- Baby Beige)

Product Description:
Easy, Simple, add glow and depth to your face. Comes with easy carry 100% horsehair brush. One swift stroke to complete your finished makeup! Micropowder type smoothly blends, never gets gummy. Correct your skin color, keep a healthy glow and bright transparency all day. 

It's mentioned on the back, but I can't translate it since it's all about chemicals... 

Product Specification:
Type: Powder type highlighting powder
Scent: Unscented
Net Weight: 18 grams for the whole thing, 16 grams without the brush (my own weighing, not company information) 
Number of Variants: 2, comes in off white and pearl white
SPF?: None
Country of Origin/ Production: Made in Japan
Available at: or
Price: I got it for Php 385, not sure about Philippine Prices

-blends well with the skin, and provides a natural glow
-comes with a super soft horse hair brush
-compact, will fit well in makeup kit
-powder is good, sticks well to the skin and also blends well

-a bit expensive for a small piece of highlighter

This one I got from the LOG-ON store (the toiletries and stationery subsidy of the CitySuper chain of groceries) at Harbour City. I was deciding between this Danish Brown color and the Honey Rusk Brown color, and I was thinking long and hard until the sales lady told me that she personally prefers the Danish Brown color. I heed her advice and choose to buy this shade. I haven't tried the other shade in depth, but in a nutshell I think this shade is a bit darker and is a more reddish color than the other shade even if the Japanese name of this shade's color is yellow brown. Or maybe my eyes are just fooling me...  

Friday, November 08, 2013

Recent Saizen Haul

Hooray for new makeup! I mean who can resist a new batch of makeup?

These new items are all from Saizen. Saizen is the Daiso in Japan or the 100 yen store franchise; however, since the store domain of Daiso was already taken when they were about to open shops in the   Philippines, they just took on the name of Saizen. 

Everything in the store is 88 pesos-- or cheaper. Occasionally, some items will be 66 or 44, and in special cases prices can go down to as low as Php 25 or even Php 10!!! That doesn't even cover the shipping costs hahaha. 

Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Popteen November 2013 Scans

DISCLAIMER: This post is super pic heavy, like very very very pic heavy. It may take a while to load.

And this is the Taiwanese/ Cantonese version of Popteen, not the Japanese one. As seen in the cover, the prices are listed in two currencies, one in Hong Kong Dollars and the other in NT's.  

How cute is that heart shaped eyeshadow? I love it!