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Friday, November 29, 2013

CanMake x Tokyo Posh Japanese Beauty Workshop (Part 1)

To those who missed it, CanMake and Tokyo Posh had a collaboration event yesterday (November 28)! The two brands shared tips and tricks on how to achieve the perfect gyaru hair and makeup for the holidays! They also shared tips on how to make your looks more versatile so that you can look your best in all the holiday parties you're about to attend. As for the tutorials they shared, I'll be putting it in another post (click here for the gyaru makeup tutorial and here for the Tokyo Posh hair tutorial) as it's very pic heavy. This post is just for the photos I took of the event venue itself...

This event was held at the Club Function Rooms in Amorsolo Square, where The Rockwell Club is situated. There was a snack table which had a lot of good food (even if it doesn't look like a lot here in the photo hahaha). I tagged my mom along to this event and she totally loved the pizza (and so did I!)

You will definitely go crazy with all the CanMake stuff for sale and on how cute the display set up is! In Hong Kong they no longer have this kind of uber cutesy set up in their stalls and carts... But today I didn't buy anything as I still had a good supply of CanMake items at home, despite the special discount they offered at this event. 

This is how the whole table looks... 

And this is the current roster of testers that they have. Since they're still a baby company here in the Philippines, they still do not have the whole product line, and they have yet to expand this tester set. As far as I know the whole product line of CanMake cosmetics, if testers would be provided for each one, it would occupy at least four times the space that this current set is taking up. 

And of course, their uber famous and hot-selling cream cheek products were on display... I have yet to know if those silicone cups are Fred's brand (as I do have the same looking product and I bake in them)

And just look at all the cutesy stuff they have! I just love the decoden mirror they have!

Meanwhile, this is the makeup stash of Miss Bea Almeda, their chief makeup artist... Lotsa stuff indeed!

And more photos of their eyebrow pencils, powders, and of course the coveted cream blush... 

And this is more photos of Miss Bea's CanMake kit! She tells me that even if CanMake's products seem to be only consumer targeted, the quality is professional level and their concealer stick can be found even in the kits of professional makeup artists in Japan!

In focus here is their glitter powder, which is hands down the best! Best in sparkle and best in avoiding fallout!

This just shows how important contouring is-- her kit's shading powder is already almost finished that you can already see the pan... 

And of course, no CanMake event can go without promoting Tricia Gosingtian's new book! If you still haven't bought one then you ought to do it now as copies of her book are flying off the shelves! 

I really look forward to the time when they also start selling perfume and body care products here! Soon, soon, soon!

And I just want to share something else that amused me today-- so this is their Loose Cheek or in other words, their mineral blush. This is how it looks outside, but once you open the lid... 

You would see that the puff actually comes with a transparent holding flap! I think they did this as a safeguard that in case the lid gets flipped up by accident, the blush wont spew off the container. Or maybe it's just there to anchor the ribbon in the right place? Whatever the reason may be, this is actually the first time I am seeing a loose pigment product that comes with this kind of flap!

Once you press the flap, it will snap upwards, and this is how it looks like... 

And here you will see the puff and the powder itself. My tip is to always just poke some holes on the sticker instead of taking it off so as to avoid product wastage... 

To end this post here are some more photos of the product displays <3 

Oh yeah, P.S. Miss Bea recomments this Easy and Fast Make Gel because it's already a cleanser and moisturizer rolled into one product... it's the ultimate prepping tool for the skin.. 

And of course just another selfie of me. Tee hee. 

Do stay tuned for my other posts on this event that are to follow! 

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