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Monday, November 18, 2013

Honey Aspirin Mask

Aspirin is not only for headaches, you know. 

I think it's already been a long time since the blogosphere learned to embrace the simple yet super effective honey aspirin mask. 

I think I first learned of this in Jen's blog ( like four years ago, and I did it only like two years ago because I never really thought that the mask would work like what she and a million other bloggers were saying. 

I was so wrong. It's like the best mask ever. It gets rid of all my dead skin and makes it oh-so-smooth. And it's probably one of the cheapest skin treatments out there. 

So this is how I do my honey aspirin mask. Basically I just soak four coated aspirin tablets in about a teaspoon of water (unfortunately looking for uncoated ones in the Philippines was waaaaaaaaay harder than I thought) for five minutes. I have to do this because the coating does not soften easily, nor is it easy to remove fully dry coating from the pill.  

Once the blue colorant begins to wash off, I peel the coating. By now it's kinda like a half jelly half plastic kind of material. 

This is how the coating looks like... 

When the coating's off the pills dissolve in less than a minute. 

So all I need to do is to add in the honey, stir with my fingers, and apply on my face. 

This is more or less how the mask should be on the face. You should get the grits of the pills onto your face, not necessarily the honey-water mixture because it will just make everything drip off your face. Try to get as much crushed pills as possible. 

For someone like me who does this on an occasional basis, the effect afterwards is not visible so I no longer took an 'after' photo. But I'm, certain that your skin will feel so smooth after. 

Try making your own honey aspirin mask today! Tell me the results <3 

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