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Friday, November 08, 2013

Recent Saizen Haul

Hooray for new makeup! I mean who can resist a new batch of makeup?

These new items are all from Saizen. Saizen is the Daiso in Japan or the 100 yen store franchise; however, since the store domain of Daiso was already taken when they were about to open shops in the   Philippines, they just took on the name of Saizen. 

Everything in the store is 88 pesos-- or cheaper. Occasionally, some items will be 66 or 44, and in special cases prices can go down to as low as Php 25 or even Php 10!!! That doesn't even cover the shipping costs hahaha. 

So I got their translucent pearl powder. I would say that this is great for the body as it provides a sheer powder layer and a little glamour with the glittery pearls, but maybe not for the face. It will probably make the face look too shiny... 

This is my tip: when opening a new canister of loose powder, I recommend that you poke holes on selected ones (not all the holes) instead of removing the whole sticker. This way not a lot of powder spills out and becomes a mess once you open the canister... This is especially helpful when you bring loose powders with you everywhere you go... 

And this is how it looks like on the skin... it's almost just like a sheer veil of powder. It's great for avoiding oiliness in the skin... 

And I also got nose highlight powder!! For 88! How cool is that?! 

This is basically a pearly beige powder, and when you put it on your nose bridge it will create an illusion that it's protruding, making your nose look more defined.

This is how it looks like on the skin... 

And here is the foundation (which is apparenly made by EverBilena) that I got for only 25 pesos! A good deal indeed! 

It's more sheer than I expected though. I mean I was expecting it to be a thick, pasty foundation, not a near non-existent one. But for the price of 25, who cares? 

The great thing about it is that it has yellowish undertones to suit Asian skin... 

And I also got a Hello Kitty earwax remover? Isn't it cute? 

I can't blog about every single thing I've bought from Saizen because the internet will get too congested (I think), but this sums up what I've gotten recently :D 

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  1. hi dear, i also buy from daiso, trinoma branch. i like their pet stuff..