I visited a Tiffany store lately and just couldn't help but make scans of some of the pages because it's super pretty... 

The cover is already regal in itself. 

Because if you look closely, it's beautifully embossed. 

And the jewelry spreads are so pretty <3 

These are the kinds of jewelry that you shouldn't wear in the Philippines. Ha ha. 

Every girl (as far as I know) dreams of owning a Tiffany engagement ring, and staring even just at a photo of it is already breathtaking. 

Rumor has it, the blue colored boxes are inspired from Marie Antoinette's alleged favorite color. Not sure about the story, but well, she does seem like the kind of person who would shower herself with lavish jewels. 

I totally regret not being able to go to the Tiffany flagship store in New York when we were there. 

And the very Doutzen Kroes. What can I say? 

A collage of all the Hollywood A-listers who have donned Tiffany jewels in their glam night-outs. It's amusing to me because when you see them in their outfits and all no one really screams out that the jewels are from Tiffany. 

And they have another cool brochure. 

This is the Elsa Peretti book... 

I love her diamonds by the yard creation. It's just really elegant and all. I love it. 

I saw the ball beads necklace in the store but there was no price tag beside it. It must be really expensive. And all this time I thought that Elsa Peretti was still a young designer. Only now that I saw her photo did I realize that she's already a matured woman. 

Tiffany & Co. never fails to amuse me. 

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