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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Zeno Pocket Acne Pole

My blackheads were already so extreme that I had to buy an acne pole from Bonjour last week. 

As for my blackheads, take a good look at them... 

Take a good look at those white heads as well... 

What I like about it is that you can screw the pimple hook and the sharp tool into the tube, so you can bring this in your bag without damaging it... 

I also like that the pimple hook is made of thicker wire so there is a smaller risk of me scraping my nose skin by accident. I used to have acne poles whose hooks were made of thinner wire and I always scraped some of the skin off my nose. This doesn't remove blackheads as efficiently as a thin hook would, but at least it's less prone to skin damage. 

At least I no longer poke myself accidentally because the poking tool is safely tucked away into the tube. 

I got it for 16 HKD at Bonjour (something like 88 pesos), is it a good deal? 

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