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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Suesh Lip Color (LC276) Review

I think it's still a surprise for many that Suesh actually sells lip colors like these. So this is the LC276 shade they have, it's a brownish pink shade, and when applied it looks like a maroonish nude color.

Here are more photos of the lip color...  

You may have also seen me wearing this lip color on my Katy Perry ET makeup look as seen here

Saturday, December 21, 2013

How To Spot a FAKE NAKED 3 Palette

It is with my great sadness to tell you all that as early as now, there are already fake NAKED 3 palettes circulating on the internet, on flea markets here in the Philippines, and worst of all, these sellers of fake ones are even bluffing that the goods are real!!! 

To start off again (Like I did in my general guidelines post on fake NAKED palettes), this post is NOT meant to look down upon those who cannot afford the real ones and resort to buying the fake ones. I would never want to make any of my readers feel uneasy whilst reading my posts. 

Instead, this post is meant for those who are willing and able to afford the real ones but are just bombarded by too many fake ones in malls to know which is real from fake. Because many of the sellers here in the Philippines do not even have the heart to say 'Class A,' 'Singapore Version,' nor 'High End Replica' to label their fake palettes... 

In the general post I wrote I received feedback from some of my readers that the post was not what they had hoped for as it already had too many tips related to when you can already touch and swatch the palette, something you cannot do while still at the mall or haggling with a seller. So for this post, I made it a point to indicate more visually-related tips for easier deciphering of what is real from what is not.

Please do tell me in the comments if you have already been salestalked to buy a fake one or if you have spotted one yourself... I also want to hear your thoughts on this post as a whole... 

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Suesh Lip Color (LC 348) Review

Suesh may be known for their brushes and makeup tooklit, but little do many know that they actually sell a whole line of eyeshadow colors and lip colors as well! And they're affordable at 90-100 per pot! 

So today I'm giving out a review for their LC348 lip color. It's an electric pink borderline hot pink kind of color, and from afar it looks like it's a neon color. I think that this color is perfect for those 80's parties and the like/ 

This is how it looks like up close. The formulation is thicker than the usual lip color, it's like a hybrid of lip gloss and lip balm. 

As for how the product looks like on the pot, you may have seen this photo from my post on my current service lip palette here. It's the uppermost and leftmost product in my palette.


Profile Summary
Product Name: 
Suesh LC348

Product Description: 
Lip color, basically. 

Hydrogenated Polyisobutene, C aprylic/ C apric Triglyceridem Tride Cyl Trimellitate, Diisostearyl Macate, Ozokerite, Euphorbia cerifera (candelilia) wax, Jojoba oil, Propylparaben, BHT. May contain Mica. 

Product Specifications: 
Type: Pot based lip color
Scent: None
Net Weight: 3 grams 
Number of Variants: So many (I think they have 100 shades ranging from baby pinks to dark plums to even white) 
SPF?: None
Country of Origin/ Production: Unspecified
Available At: Suesh Makeup Toolkit
Price: Php99 

-long lasting color, this is the kind of stuff you would use on bridal clients and the like
-thick formulation, won't run or bleed
-super affordable

-perpetually needs a lip brush for application-- you could use your fingers but it might contaminate the product
-thick formulation also means that it's not so comfortable to use 

Friday, December 20, 2013

On Getting A Domain Name and Blog Changes!!!

Hi everyone! I am very excited to tell you all about my new domain! From the blog is now! Cool isn't it? 

I also made changes to the blog's banner and background and tab font as well as title font... Did you guys notice those changes?  



And I am also excited to tell you all that my photos now have a Pinterest hover function! Feel like a photo in my blog is pin-worthy? Simply hover over it and a 'Pin it' button will appear! Simply click on the button and you can already add my photo to any board that you wish. Simple, isn't it? 

Friday, December 20, 2013

NAKED 3 Comprehensive Review + Video

Hi everyone! This is my comprehensive review of the NAKED 3 palette! If you're looking for comprehensive as in a really word heavy post on the palette's shades and colors in general, you can check this out and leisurely read. 

In this post, by comprehensive I mean I showed the colors as how they would look like on light skin and dark skin, as you have seen in the above photo. I wanted to illustrate how the shades might look on darker skin tones, so I put dark colored foundation on my arm to be able to swatch on it.

Friday, December 20, 2013

NAKED 3 Review and Swatches!

Hi everyone! I know this is long overdue, but here it is finally, a swatch and review post about the highly anticipated NAKED 3 palettes!!! Woo hoo! I waited almost a month for this which is why in some way the hype was higher for me than for US-based beauty junkies who have easier access to their Urban Decay cravings... for my Philippine based readers, you can see my review on the reseller (Beautyholic Manila) I bought this from here :D 

So anyways, let's get started!

This is by far the second sequel to their highly acclaimed NAKED palette which they launched mid-2010. This palette took everyone by surprise though, amidst the fact that there are already 2 palettes in the line, because all of a sudden as the holidays were coming up Urban Decay announced the launch of this palette and built the hype by sending palettes to very popular bloggers like Jen ( and all. 

The hype this palette is getting is something that it deserves, because the formula is just so buttery, blendable, easy to work with, and she 12 rose-hued shades are just to die for!!! 

I know this is a long post but please bear with me as the palette is just so lovely that there's a lot to talk about!!! I actually even have another post that just functions as a photo appreciation post for this palette! Ha ha ha. 

And don't forget to tell me what you think in the comments box! <3 

Friday, December 20, 2013

NAKED 3 Photo Appreciation Post!

Hi everyone! This is basically a camwhoring session for my Urban decay NAKED 3 palette! Feel free to pin these photos on your Pinterest accounts! 

The review and swatch post is coming up, so stay tuned! And what can you say about this new palette by Urban Decay? I want to hear your thoughts on the comments box! <3 

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Urban Decay Haul | Beautyholic Manila Review

Hi everyone! Sorry for the lack of updates! Been busy with a lot of stuff lately. But at least, my urban decay haul came now! This is by far my first transaction with Beautyholic Manila, an online reseller of American makeup brands here in Manila. 

I am very happy with my transaction as Jennifer, the lady behind the business, is really kind and accommodating! I have already encountered many other sellers who are very catty, unaccommodating, and rude, so I can tell that she's really nice as a seller! She never leaves any PM or comment unreplied to, so even if her answer is in the negative (e.g an item is already sold out or out of stock at the moment) she will still take the time to reply, which is not so commonplace with other sellers. 

She's uber patient even if I have so many questions and so many follow up orders to my already existing orders. I commend her for her patience!

 I am also very happy with the way she sent the package-- she does not scrimp on bubble wrap. She really uses a good amount of wrap to make sure that the items are safe and unharmed in transit. By far she is the seller who uses the most bubble wrap among all the sellers I've bought from... 

And this is my haul!!! So excited to share it with you guys!!! 

So I got myself the uber coveted NAKED 3 palette for Php 3200 (US $72)! I will definitely have a gazillion more blog posts about this so watch out! 

I also joined in the bandwagon and got myself a canister of Ben Nye Banana Luxury Powder in the 3oz bottle for Php 950 (US $22). This is the powder that has an extremely high demand after it was made known that this is one of Kim Kardashian's go to products! I think Jennifer sells the cheapest one in Manila given that Digital Traincase sells the same bottle for 1050 and The Style Quarter sells the same item for 990. 

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Victoria's Secret Shimmer Eyeshadow Trio Review

Most of us know Victoria's Secret for the sexy lingerie and for its annual fashion show, but actually, they have a relatively good makeup line. Okay, their makeup won't defeat Urban Decay or Shu Uemura, but the products are already good enough.

So today I'm going to talk more about their Shimmer Eyeshadow Trio in the color scheme 'Uninhibited'. 

For starters, there's already a rebranded and repackaged version of this that you can see in VS' website:

From Shimmer Eyeshadow Trio, it's now sold under the name Ultimate Look Shadow Trio. The color combinations are still the same as I own two trio sets under this product line and the shades are almost the same, if not identical. 

I looked through all the eyeshadows, and this was the only trio, that's why I'm certain that they just repackaged the product.  

This is the older packaged one that I have, and this is how the case looks like on the front and on the back.  

This is how the shadows look up close. It comes with a pearl white eyeshadow, a silver grey (but still too light to be deemed gunmetal) eyeshadow, and a shimmery black eyeshadow. The black one, when applied, is not carbon black, it's more of a near-black shade of grey... 

These are the swatches of the colors... The white is a bit more opaque in real life, but the silver grey is like that, and like what I was saying, the black is not carbon black... 


Profile Summary
Product Name: 
Victoria's Secret Shimmer Eye Shadow Trio 

Product Description: 
Shine. Sparkle. Steal the spotlight. This must-have silky shadow trio provides a hint of shimmer for the sexiest eyes. It's a grab-and-go makeup essential.


Product Specifications: 
Type: Shimmer Eye Shadow
Scent: None 
Net Weight: 4.5g/ 0.15 oz
Number of Variants: Apparently there are 6
SPF?: None
Country of Origin/ Production: USA
Price: 9USD 

-super easy to carry as it's very small and very light
-shades are very versatile and often needed in many makeup looks
-works well with makeup brushes (because some eyeshadows only work well with the fingers) 

-comes with a hideous foam applicator
-not very pigmented so it takes quite some time to get a good amount of color on your eyelids 


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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

My Current Service Lip Palette

I'm sure that every makeup artist or kikay girl will be able to agree with me that it's definitely a cumbersome aspect of makeup to have to deal with bringing so many bulky items to a venue. This problem is especially true for my lipsticks-- everytime I went out to do makeup, I had to open up each tube just to look for a color. Sometimes I had two shades of one brand so I even had to guess which color I wanted. And sometimes, I end up forgetting that I actually had this lip color to use and end up using a less suitable shade. 

(From Left to right, up to down: Suesh lip colors -- the two big pots, Maybelline maroon lipstick, Ever Bilena wine lip color, Ever Bilena purple lip color, Ever Bilena fucshia lip color, Maybelline light pink lipstick, Estee Lauder light pink lipstick, Lancome red lipstick, Ever Bilena red violet lip color, Honey flavored lip balm, Shiseido hologram lipstick) 

So now, what I have done is to simply buy a metal box and convert it into a magnetic palette. You can see my post on how to create your own magnetic palettes quickly and affordably here. After that, I put in my Suesh lip colors (the two obviously bigger pots) as they naturally are magnetized. 

Then what I did was to simply scrape off all my lip colors from their respective sticks, put them into these small plastic canisters, and put them in the microwave for about a minute (since our microwave is less intense than the average). What comes out is the lipstick in liquid form, and at least it's no longer a random clump of mess in a pot-- it will now harden into a jar of lip color like what you might buy in the store. 

I know microwaving makeup isn't a good thing, but I think this is somehow better than having to deal with bringing these lip colors in all their bulky cases and taking so much time just to look for a lip color. I like this set up because at a glance I can already see almost all the lip color options I have for a client. Unless I start doing makeup in one location (where I can buy racks and racks of lipstick displays), looks like this is the way for me.  

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Friday, December 13, 2013

Estee Lauder Soft Clean Foaming Cleanser Review

It's not always that you get a professional makeup artist select the perfect lipstick shade for you. And it's not everyday that for trying out a new lipstick you get a pouch and samples of eye serum, facial wash and mascara. But this seems to be the norm for Estee Lauder when they promote new products. 

So I got this facial wash sample in Hong Kong after they had a promotional event for a new lipstick. I was so surprised because they even gave everyone photobooth photos and there was even a promo of the day that if you bought two lipsticks there, they'd even give you a lipstick shaped USB flash drive for free! 

As is the title, this foaming wash is from Estee Lauder's Soft Clean line. In the same line are hydrating lotion and creme cleansers as well. This is a 1 ounce sample of the foaming wash that usually comes in 4.2 ounce tubes. I have yet to sample the other products but I can definitely say that this wash is super fragrant. It's the perfect kind of wash to use in the morning because the smell is a perk-up due to how fresh and sweet it smells. 

Also, this 1 ounce sample has been a very useful size for travelling as it's small and compact enough to fit my toiletries bag. I've used this on so many trips that I'm actually already on my last few drops of this product! And you can probably see all the dents on the tube already... 


Profile Summary
Product Name: 
Estee Lauder Soft Clean Moisture Rich Foaming Cleanser

Product Description: 

Estee Lauder Soft Clean Moisture Rich Foaming Cleanser for Dry Skin. Luxurious crème foams into a moisture-rich lather to gently clean, calm, and soften skin.

You can check it out here 

Product Specifications: 
Type: Foaming Facial Wash 
Scent: Sweet fruity floral fragrance
Net Weight: 1 ounce for this sample, 4.2 ounces in normal tubes
Number of Variants: 2 (the line also comes with a creme cleanser) 
SPF?: None
Country of Origin/ Production: USA
Available At: Virtually all Estee Lauder counters... 
Price: Amazon Price is 40 USD 

-super foamy
-very very fragrant
-washes off fairly easily
-leaves skin feeling smooth 

-does too little to cleanse skin
-really just for dryer types of skin because it can't do oil control much either


Friday, December 06, 2013

How to spot a FAKE Urban Decay NAKED Palette

I know that all of you, my readers, are aware of the NAKED palette in one way or another. I think I can say it is now the flagship product of Urbn Decay, and one of their best offerings. Actually, in the makeup world, the NAKED palette is by far one of the best things that happened to girls in the history of history... 

If you have been living under a rock, the first NAKED palette was released by Urban Decay in mid-2010. The time it was first released, the blogosphere and makeup world exploded. Every one who loved makeup wanted this product, and for good reason. It was an Urban Decay product (so we're sure of the good quality) and it's a palette with the most useful and versatile shades a girl could ask for. Moreover, if my observations are correct, it is the first palette to contain just neutral colors and not combine crazy colors (like lime color and lemon yellow color) with neutral colors. I used to see all sorts of girls' half used palettes and you would see the crazy colors untouched and the brown color already showing the metal pan it lies in. This is why it immediately went out of stock and it took a while before it came back in stock. It also took a while before the product could be easily purchased because for a long time, it was either out of stock or if there were even stocks, you would have to compete with hoarders and all. 

Given that this is the strongest offering that Urban Decay has, and that this is a highly coveted product in the makeup world, it is a sad truth that there are many people who are making fake ones and selling them for the price of the real ones. 

To begin my story, I went with my mom to visit a family friend, and upon seeing me, this family friend hands me a box. When I opened it, it was a NAKED 2 palette. I was extremely happy as I had a new eyeshadow set, and for about 2 hours I thought it was authentic until I gave close scrutiny of the product. I also owned a real NAKED 1 (I know it's real because I ordered it from Sephora) so I was able to notice what general differences the fake one had with the real one. 

To clarify, even when I realized that it was not authentic, I was still very happy because I did nothing and yet got a 12-color eyeshadow set that's usable (usable as in the quality is ok enough and it did not cause any itching to me or the people I've used it on). I no longer called up the giver to tell her that it was not authentic because I did not want to seem ungrateful and I didn't want to embarrass her. I also had a feeling that maybe she bought them with the consciousness that they were not real, and probably bought them at a lower price. 

This post, is therefore, to protect those who plan to really buy an authentic one with their hard earned cash. I cannot really do anything concrete about those who make fake ones, but it bothers me a lot that they have the nerve to sell the fake ones for the price of real ones. For those who purposely buy fake ones to save money, I have nothing against them, but I can say that they can use the same amount of money for authentic (and better quality) eyeshadows of another brand...

I am not comparing my real NAKED 1 and the fake NAKED 2 part by part as the two are inherently different products, but these are some general guidelines that you can apply regardless of whichever NAKED palette that you plan to buy. Please read on for more information.

Monday, December 02, 2013

MUJI Sweet and Sour Squid

I just have to share how much I love this snack of MUJI that I decided to put a photo here. It's. Just. The. Best.

I find it super pricey at 14 HKD (Php 77) per pack, but I think that for the taste, it's super worth it! 

Try it today :D   

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Sunday, December 01, 2013

Tricia Gosingtian Book Signing

Yeap! I went to see the queen bee of kawaii fashion herself, no other than the very Tricia Gosingtian! This was I think her 3rd installment of her book signing series, and this was held in National bookstore TriNoma.  

Sunday, December 01, 2013

First Circle Lens Experience! (Geolica FC-725)

Notice the difference between the two photos? (or maybe not) Ha ha ha. So this time I finally bought a pair of circle lenses for myself! Yipee! I chose a gray colored lens so that it looks more natural on the eyes. I was thinking at the store if I should get a grey one or a doll lens (as in the pure black one), but I decided to get this instead as the doll lens will be too much for daily use or for when I make video tutorials. 

These are Geolica lenses I got from Visoon Express at TriNoma. They have a 1450 for 2 pairs promo. This is their FC-725 model, no prescription. Base curve radius is 8.5 and diameter is 14.2 mm.

I can't give out a comfort rating as these are the first lenses that I own... By far it's still very uncomfortable on me, and one of the lenses keeps on moving as I blink while the other makes my eye sore. Since they were non prescription, I exchanged the lenses, and well the same thing still happened-- one eye is sore while the other eye's lens is loose.

But I can't help but ogle at how much it can do for beautifying the eyes! Even with simple makeup my eyes already look very mesmerizing! Yipee!

And up close this is how the lenses look like... 

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