Notice the difference between the two photos? (or maybe not) Ha ha ha. So this time I finally bought a pair of circle lenses for myself! Yipee! I chose a gray colored lens so that it looks more natural on the eyes. I was thinking at the store if I should get a grey one or a doll lens (as in the pure black one), but I decided to get this instead as the doll lens will be too much for daily use or for when I make video tutorials. 

These are Geolica lenses I got from Visoon Express at TriNoma. They have a 1450 for 2 pairs promo. This is their FC-725 model, no prescription. Base curve radius is 8.5 and diameter is 14.2 mm.

I can't give out a comfort rating as these are the first lenses that I own... By far it's still very uncomfortable on me, and one of the lenses keeps on moving as I blink while the other makes my eye sore. Since they were non prescription, I exchanged the lenses, and well the same thing still happened-- one eye is sore while the other eye's lens is loose.

But I can't help but ogle at how much it can do for beautifying the eyes! Even with simple makeup my eyes already look very mesmerizing! Yipee!

And up close this is how the lenses look like... 

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