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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Pantone Radiant Orchid Inspired Makeup!

Hooray for Pantone's color of the year for 2014! I am really happy about this selection because the color is exactly my favorite color (as in spot on!!!). Because purple is my favorite color, I have this tendency to purchase makeup simply because the packaging was purple or because the contents were purple... So anyways, here's a bit more information about the color of the year... 

And these are some of the purple makeup I own... Some of which are purple in packaging and some others which are purple colored themselves...

First on my list is Urban Decay's Marshmallow powder! This is already discontinued (too bad!!!) but is a yummy (yes, it tastes sweet) and marshmallow scented body shimmer powder. Aside from the fact that the novelty of the item was interesting, I bought this simply because the packaging was a nice shade of purple hahaha

Next thing on my list is Urban Decay's Deluxe Shadow Palette... too bad this is also a discontinued product! It had nice shades as a whole... And the packaging is a nice velvety purple!  

Inside the palette are purply shades as well, namely Fishnet (which is very orchid in nature) and Ransom (a grape juice colored electric purple).

I also have here Integrate's VI221 eyeshadow palette! I bought this mainly because of the purple shades in it (even if the palette has a larger percentage of pink shades!!!). 

This is something I bought mainly for the packaging. This is Etude House's Magic BB Pact. After usage I realized that this powder was not for me because it made my skin oily and was too thick coverage, but who cares, the packaging is purple? 

And who can forget Urban Decay's Eyeshadow Primer Potion? Its iconic packaging has already been engraved in our minds after all the times we have all used this product... as for this one I bought this because the product itself is really good-- no need to use the packaging to lure me to get this one... 

This is another product I have yet to put to the test, but this is my Biore oil based makeup remover. I have yet to test how it fares in removing waterproof mascara. But in the meantime I will enjoy the fact that the packaging is purple... 

I have yet to talk about this some other time, too! I have here Sigma's Brush Cleaning Glove in the purple color! 

What are your favorite purple makeup items (be it purple in packaging or in product color itself)? Please do tell me in the comments box!!!  

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