I guess this now marks my Urban Decay collector status? I mean I have recently gone on a shopping spree buying UD products that are already discontinued or becoming nearer to discontinuation. It's usually not because these products are awful or what, but UD usually likes to bring new offerings to their customers every year, and to make room for the new offerings they get rid of the older items. And in this case, like a series, they get rid of the predecessor of a certain item just like camera companies do. 

So I think I'm one of the last people who got Urban Decay's Book of Shadows Volume IV Redux. Basically it's a sequel to Book of Shadows Volume IV and is I think the fifth installment in this series. Maybe in a few months time they will be releasing Book of Shadows Volume V, but that is still a possibility and I have no insider information otherwise. 

So anyways, let us now talk about this product! 

First and foremost, this is the fattest eyeshadow set I have EVER owned. As in ever. This is as big as a textbook, or if six iPad mini's were stacked on top of each other, this would be it. It's huuuuuge, as in it took up half the space of a makeup drawer I had! 

Once you open the upper flap of the box, aside from the lovely butterflies, the set comes with this cheat sheet on looks that you could pull off using this palette. 

One side of the card comes with tips on how to achieve a Purple Cat look. 

The other side comes with instructions on how to do this Crystalized look. 

And did I mention the butterflies? They're everywhere! I was hoping for a larger mirror, but this was all that the set had... Oh well... 

On the flap, beside the mirror, is a kangaroo pocket for phones, or for additional mirrors or whatever you need space for whilst working... 

This is the set in its full glory... 

This palette comes with sixteen eyeshadows, each eyeshadow being 0.03 ounces (0.8 g). The price is already very good (given that I got the whole kit for 1850 pesos or US$ 42 from Beautyholic Manila) given that a full sized Urban Decay eyeshadow is 18 USD and is 0.05 ounces...

 And did I mention that this kit comes with all sorts of add ons? They all come with a flap to pull them out...

 And now I'm off to everyone's favorite part-- the eyeshadow colors themselves!

Kiddie Pool is basically a glittery powder blue color with a super teeny touch of aqua. But it leans more on the bluish side.
Gunmetal is what is in NAKED 1, and is a metallic grey shimmer color. 

Creep is another member of the NAKED 1 palette, and is a matte black infused with silver microglitters. It's not as glittery as Kiddie Pool, but most definitely not matte in overall finish. 

Grifter is Pantone's color of the year (radiant orchid) turned into a glittery and shimmery eyeshadow! It's a light lilac-purplish eyeshadow, and definitely one of my favorites in the whole palette. 

Psychedelic Sister is a longtime UD favorite, and is a deep bluish purple in a metallic finish. This is the reason why I bought the palette in the first place (because I just love purple so much). 

Lost is a darker, taupe-based brown shibmery color. 

Hijack is a teal with more blackish undertones, and is more on the greenish side. 

Baked is the more bronzey sister of NAKED 1's Half-Baked, and has a shimmery finish. 

Midnight Cowgirl is an off white to cream shimmer eyeshadow with microglitter.

Sin is also in NAKED 1, and despite looking off white in the photo it's ctually a light salmon-pink metallic finish eyeshadow in real life. 

Sidecar is another member of NAKED 1, and looks like a light latte brown with glitters in it. 

Strip is an extremely metallic eyeshadow with a touch of a light bluish grey. This is significantly less virbant than Kiddie Pool and has no glitters in it. 

Stray Dog is a taupe-chocolate brown metallic eyeshadow. 

Missionary may not look very brown in the photo, but in real life it looks like cappuccino and is metallic in finish. 

Virgin is also found in NAKED 1, and is a pearly off-white. This has been my go-to highlighter color for years, so I am glad that this palette also has this shade as the pot in my NAKED 1 palette is already about to run out of shadow. 

Polyester Bride is a white color with glitters in it. I did not expevct that I'd be liking this color as much as I do now, as it's super useful in highlighting the inner corners of the eyes. This may not be a good choice for browbone highlighter though as it's too bright and glittery... 

These are additional views of the palette as a whole to give you a better idea on the colors of the eyeshadows. I had an especially difficult time capturing the color of Psychedelic Sister because as I found out in the recent days, purple is a color that turns out to be a social construct by humans and is not really something that is natural in terms of science and color theory. We can see bluish-purple tones to still be purple because our brains tell us so, but for a camera that does not have a brain but instead has IR and light sensors, the purple registers as blue. This is why I also discovered that it's more advisable to take photos of purple items at night if you do not wish to have to photoshop the colors, and that photographers who focus on flowers have problems with capturing purple colors in daytime regardless of the camera they own. 

Overall I am a bit sad that 5 out of the 16 shades are also in the NAKED palette because the only overused color I have from the NAKED palette is Virgin, and that the four others could be replaced with newer colors not in the NAKED palette. But of course this is just my own problem-- people who still do not own a NAKED 1 palette would actually be happy that a lot of the palette's colors are already here. 

I was also a bit puzzled as to why there was not one, not even just one, matte eyeshadow in the whole palette. There were some that just had a little shimmer factor, but still were not matte. A lot were glittery as well. I have no idea why this whole palette is full of shimmery, pearly and glittery eyeshadows. This is not the kind of palette that you would want for those no makeup makeup looks, but will definitely come in handy for a dozen other looks. 

And I do understand that the company wishes to reserve the more exclusive shades for their Vice palettes series because that's the pricier series they have...

These are the swatches on my arm... What can you guys say?

As for me, I really feel the change in formulation now (because Urban Decay changed their formulation and began to use the Pigment Infusion System about two years ago)... Given that a lot of this palette's colors are also in the NAKED 1 palette, I was positively surprised to see that the same colors now swatch better and blend more smoothly and easily on my skin. I am also pleased that even the glittery colors are not as fallout prone as the glittery shades in my older UD palettes... This is the kind of formulation that the NAKED 3 palette also boasts-- powder by default but moist enough to the touch that it's not yet cream eyeshadow but blends really easily... 

And now look at the add-ins the set came with!!! 

And did I mention the speakers that this set came with? I know it's so bizarre but the set comes with a speaker and two wire (one to charge it hence the USB attachment and the other to connect it to a music device). This is the bane and the boon of the whole thing-- I am happy with the speakers, and I like that the speakers can play music really loud despite being smaller than an average face powder compact, but this always gets in the way when I open the drawer which is a big pain in the butt... 

Or actually, the whole drawer thing is kind of bothersome, because the dravwer is super hard to pull out each time, and many times the eyeshadows get damaged as I pull out the drawer because it's too tightly put in that any peeled part on the flap of the cavity means that my eyeshadows will get scraped...
Oh, there's also a travel sized UDPP with it! 

 And a travel sized supercurl curling mascara! I have yet to see how this product will fare with my other favorite mascaras, but given the brand, I'm quite certain that it will fare well...
It also came with a full sized tube of their 24/7 liquid eyeliner! This is in the shade of perversion...