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Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Occasional Facial Routine

I know it's really disgusting, but it has been my long time problem that I always have a regular supply of black heads!!! Even if I wash my face twice daily and use an astringent twice daily as well as apply an appropriate moisturizer, these blackheads do not wish to leave me!

This is why I am always in a race to get them out. Merely just not doing this for a week already means that my nose would look really black. But I'm really busy over other things that I'm only able to do this like once a month. Better late than never though!

Basically, after I've cleansed my face, I'll steam in the facial sauna for about ten minutes. Afterwards, my Zeno acne pole comes in action and I use this to get all the blackheads off. However, I clean it with rubbing alcohol before using on my nose area...

Ewww eww eww but these are the things that come out of my nose! I wish my nose would sometimes take a break from producing all these blackheads and whiteheads...
What's your number one skin problem? Do tell me in the comments box!

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