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Saturday, March 01, 2014

Too Faced Glamour To Go Spun Sugar Edition Review and Swatches

It was really sweet of  family friend to have given me this makeup set for no apparent reason (not my birthday nor Christmas) and I really appreciate how compact this baby is! This is the kind of thing that you can definitely bring for travel as it's very compact and it's already very complete-- has eight eyeshadows, a lip gloss, a highlighter and a bronzer...

I know it may look giant in this photo, but in real life it's even a bit smaller than my palm!

And here are the ingredients of the eyeshadows and the other components of the set. No parabens, but there's talc. I honestly think that parabens aren't as bad as what they're said to be, I think that it's more of a hysteria caused thing... 

Moving on, all the eyeshadows weigh 0.24 oz, each weighing 0.03 g, which is already a good amount... 

It looks really cute from the front, and the packaging is girly like many other Too Faced products out there... 

These are the eyeshadows up close... I think that even just from a glance the leftmost gold one is already likely to be the most fallout prone in the whole bunch... This set contains neutral shades, and mostly cooler shades like silver and grey. 

If you pull out the drawer below the eyeshadows, you'd see the highlighter (left), bronzer (right) and lip gloss (middle). 

As for the swatches, I was right with the leftmost gold shade having the most fallout. It was generally chunky and had the same fallout as NAKED 3's Dust... The other shades though were good in terms of pigmentation. 

I still would not declare that the formulation can defeat NAKED 3's formulation, but at least it's close. It's spreadable and blendable enough, and though it may not be buttery, this is the kind of formulation that would suit Asian beauty junkies as it does not go on too saturated on the skin... I had to swipe about four times before the color became this saturated.

The shimmery shades look like the ones that are easy to work with when it comes to everyday makeup. The glittery shades though, would probably have to be applied with water to avoid fallout. 

Is it just me or the black eyeshadow looks a lot like NAKED's Creep?
These are the swatches for the highlighter, lip gloss, and bronzer. I looove the highlighter! It's the right mix of shimmer, and it does not go on glittery or oily looking on the skin... I have seen a lot of highlighters that may be good in highlighting and all but would end up looking sweaty or oily after a few hours of application.

The lip gloss is extremely hard to use. It basically refuses to be scooped off the pan, and I could not swipe it with my finger. I actually had to carve it out of the pan. It's too jelly-ish and too sticky that it doesn't wanna get off the pan. And it comes off in chunks-- you need to do some spreading before it will actually just swipe over something.

The bronzer would have been a good shade, but for someone like me who has a lot of whiteheads on my nose bridge, this is not suitable for me as the shimmer particles would only highlight the blemishes in the area... I would most likely use this as eyeshadow in the future and not for contouring...

The lip gloss though, looks really nice on the lips despite feeling very sticky. This would be suitable for when you want to have your photos taken, but for long time wear or for going out the whole day, I would not recommend this...

What can you say about this product? Please do tell me in the comments box!!!

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