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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream (06-Istanbul) Review

Hooray for another tube of soft matte lip cream! the first review I did like two days ago was on the shade of Amsterdam. Today's review is on this rosy pink shade called Istanbul. 

Like any of the other SMLC's this product ensures long wear, a nice matte finish, and comes in a nice vanilla scent. 

Monday, April 28, 2014

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream (Amsterdam-01) Review

Choco na gatas o gatas na choco? Lipstick na lip gloss or lip gloss na lipstick? 

NYX soft matte lip cream raises the same questions XDDD It's not a lipstick, it's not a lip gloss, but the idea of a lip cream isn't necessarily that easy to imagine either. In a nutshell, it applies like a cream, but it dries to this velvety finish. The longevity is impeccable. I have had this product on and ate, drank water, talked like there was no tomorrow, and the product stayed strong. Even when I rub my lips with this product on, little to no transfer occurs. I even slept with this product on and it was still going strong in the morning! 

I also love how many shades NYX has for this! The last time I checked there was 11 shades, but recently NYX has even added a few more shades. The other thing I liked is that there's a good color selection for this product, there are reds, pinks, corals, and browns-- a color for every kind of girl. Today's review is on one of the red shades called Amsterdam, there's another red shade called Monte Carlo I think... 

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Mari's 20th Birthday Mega Giveaway!

There's indeed a lot to be thankful for! This is why I am celebrating my 20th birthday, Doll Up Mari's first anniversary, and Doll Up Mari's 55000 page view milestone with this giveaway! 

I'll explain in this post how you can join and win!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Bifesta Moist Cleansing Wash Review

I know that most of you must have already heard of Bifesta's cleansing express (in case you haven't it's a watery texture makeup remover, skin cleanser and toner in one product). I have yet to actually see if they will also bring this item into the Philippine market, but in the meantime, I'll be giving my thoughts on Bifesta's Cleansing Wash! 

I got this product from Bonjour for 48HKD in our Hong Kong trip last October. To be honest, I still did not hear any feedback about this product prior to buying it. The only reason I went for it was because I have been a longtime fan of Bifesta (a fan since 2010!!!) that I knew that any product in the lineup would be good. The only thing I checked was whether it was foaming or not, and since it did say that it was the lathering type, I went for it. I know I've said this before but I am the type of person who cannot live with a facial cleanser that does not foam up, I just don't feel clean enough afterwards. 

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Other Hong Kong Beauty Hauls

Yes, the hauls are not yet over! Here are some more of my beauty hauls from Hong Kong!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

innisfree Hong Kong Haul April 2014

This is one of those hauls that I feel proud of hee hee hee. This is because it's my first visit to an innisfree store and my first time to buy innisfree stuff! I've been seeing a lot of stuff about innisfree on the internet and how a lot of their products are sensational holy grail products of so many girls all over Asia, but since there seems to be not outlet in the Philippines yet, it was only in Hong Kong I was able to hoard products of this brand.
The line to pay was sensational! As in initially we actually thought that there was a major sale or promo, until the saleslady explained to us that that's what they commonly encounter everyday. I think that it's newly opened in Hong Kong and that it's the only outlet which is why lines are so long. Expect a 20 minute wait... 

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Hong Kong Etude House Haul April 2014

I know I love my Sigma brushes, but for more affordable buys, I prefer Etude House brushes. I honestly think that they have fairly good brushes at really affordable brushes. I mean I can buy two Etude House brushes with the amount I pay for one Sigma brush. 

This is why I made sure to hoard Etude House brushes in our recent Hong Kong trip! There is of course an Etude House franchise in the Philippines, however, it seems that the Hong Kong branches have more complete selections of the brushes, which is why I made it a point to do my shopping. 

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Make Up For Ever 30th Anniversary HD Kit and Haul

Happy 30th birthday, Make Up For Ever! 

To join in on the fun I got a 30th Anniversary Special HD Kit from my recent Hong Kong trip. In general most of the MUFE stuff I've tried are gifts or hand me downs, which is why this is my first legit purchase. 

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Sasa Hong Kong April 2014 Haul

Oh Sasa, how I've missed you! My only dream in life is to franchise Sasa in the Philippines, or at the very least, see a Sasa outlet in every major mall in the Philippines. In general I don't think it's bound to happen yet as the general populace is just getting used to Japanese products-- Japanese brands are just starting to come in unlike Korean brands which are already well anchored in society and are household names already. I also don't think the market is generally ready for all these cutesy and glam brands yet. And the cosme rankings still do not mean anything here... 

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Hong Kong 2014 Haircare Haul

 I know haul posts are just supposed to be really casual posts in a beauty blogger's blog roll, but this is one of those haircare hauls that make me feel so sentimental.

It's mainly because of Asience's 10th Anniversary special shampoo and conditioner set I got in our recent trip. Waaaay before I started blogging, as in about 5-6 years back, I was already a big fan of Asience. I tried it out because my idol Utada Hikaru's song Stay Gold was used as background music in the commercials with Jeon Ji Hoon. I initially tried it in small bottles, and soon realized that it was really fragrant and did miracles on the hair. It was a holy grail product, and the only reason I switched to Essential in recent years was to give my hair a short break from Asience. In general, it was still made by Kao Corporation so Essential was just like a sister of Asience.

Buying the anniversary shampoo made me realize that it'd been that long that I had admired the brand, and it brought back a lot of memories from the past five years.

And well, let's get onto the real haul post hahaha.

I got Tsubaki's shampoo and conditioner set in the Head Spa variant for HK$128. It comes with a Tsubaki Shining hair fragrance.

I also got myself new boxes of hair color, two liese ones and one Freshlight one. The liese one has already been what I've tried before, and I was satisfied with how my hair didn't get damaged from it, which is why I picked up two more boxes. The freshlight one was a trial as it's the first time I saw it in Hong Kong. Supposedly each box was HK$80, but since I bought two boxes of Liese, there was a cumulative HK$30 off the whole bill as a discount. 

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Popteen April 2014 Scans

Monday, April 21, 2014

Cats in Hong Kong

Chung Ying Cat Cafe


And I encountered quite a lot of other cats along the way in our recent trip, hence one whole post dedicated to it! 

So anyways, I'm starting off with my cat cafe visit. To those curious, this is Chung Ying cat cafe in Mong Kok. Technically their address is in Mong Kok, but to get here it's best if you get out in Prince Edward's MTR exit C2. It's in the Goldfish market, and it's in the center of this photo (the staircase). On its left is 360 degrees (a deli with a lot of dried fruits) and on its right a fish store. 

A good marker that you're near the store is if you see this paw print signage, and do take note that though it's a nice cafe and all, it's on the third floor, and will not be easily seen from the ground. The only sign is the sticker with all sorts of cute cats. After a scary staircase climb (who would not be scared of an extremely dusty staircase with bamboo scaffoldings all over), that's when you'd get there.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Hong Kong 2014 Trip Highlights!

Yaaaaay hooray for a long-desired trip to Hong Kong! Hong Kong is already my second home, as this trip is probably my 20th time there. I still can't speak in Cantonese, but thankfully my English and Mandarin skills somehow help me to get around. And in rare cases, my Japanese speaking skills also get me to talk to salesladies who can only speak in Cantonese and Japanese. 

We have relatives who live here which is one of the reasons why we visit the place often, aside from the fact that Hong Kong is just a lovely place if you live like a local. We're already waaaaay past the tourist stage and we live beyond Tsim Sha Tsui's Ocean Terminal and Causeway Bay's malls, though we still like to visit the said places. 

Here are some of the highlights of this trip! Some of the other highlights are in other posts and my beauty hauls will be reserved for later posts, so here's the general post first! 

Sunday, April 20, 2014

CanMake Strong Eyes Liner Review

Hooray for my first ever liquid eyeliner purchase!!! Woo hoo! Yes this is the first because my usual choices for eyeliner are eye pencils and gel eyeliners. I have no particular preference towards gel or pencil, it just happened that I paid less attention to the liquid eyeliners. So anyways, today I am going to talk about CanMake's strong eyes liner!

This is one of their flagship eye makeup products as it's like a spring loaded eyeliner with a firm tip. I am just not sure if they called it strong because the color is intense or strong because the tip of the eyeliner brush is firm... 

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Dolly Wink Eyebrow Powder Review (01-Honey Brown)

I have always known Dolly Wink but have always just looked from afar. I've seen it in the blogs often enough to remember the products, especially the eyelashes. For years now, I've been hearing praises about the whole Dolly Wink line, not just the falsies. Funnily, it's only now that I get to actually try and see what everyone's talking about. 

In a nutshell, Dolly Wink is a makeup line created by Tsubasa Masuwaka in cooperation with Koji Honpo Company. Tsubasa is kinda like the queen of the gyaru's in Japan. The gyaru subculture, on the other hand, is all about looking naturally glam, and with mesmerizing eyes. The reason why Tsubasa has an eyelash line was because she was the pioneer of lower lashline falsies. Gyaru is different from Ullzang because ulzzang is more about the skin and the fresh face while gyaru is onto a more glamorous direction and that upper falsies are really a must. You can probably excuse yourself from the lower falsies if your lower lashes are 0.5cm long or longer (which is most probably not the case for the majority)... I shake my head everytime someone says 'oh look at my gyaru makeup!!!' but there aren't even any pairs of falsies on! Not even the upper falsies! Please call it Ulzzang instead... 

So much about that hahaha. This review is on their eyebrow powder. I was browsing the shelves in Log On Taiwan when I saw this. In Hong Kong, I haven't seen testers for Dolly Wink yet, especially in Sasa, and if there are testers, they're just not conspicious enough. Thankfully, the testers for Dolly Wink products in Taiwan was just so visible that I swatched this eyebrow powder out of curiosity. I was so amazed with the fine milled texture and the pigmented nature of the powder that I bought in on the spot. It was really pricey at 500-something NT (like 750-800 pesos) given that it comes with no waxes or stencils or whatever add ons, but I think it's a standalone star.

As for why I got honey brown, it's because this is the lightest shade available. In general, my face looks meek and innocent that I prefer to use light colored eyebrow products because if I use legit products for brunettes, I look snobby, or if not, I look like a meek sheep with eyebrows. For me to be able to pull of dark eyebrows, the rest of the makeup has to be dark, too, and that's not what I go for most of the time... 

Monday, April 14, 2014

#MDM: Urban Decay's Baked and Majolica Majorca BR792 Quad

Majolica Majorca's eyeshadows are just so pigmented that when you swatch them a bit strongly than suual they're already as buttery as Western eyeshadows! Today's dupe is between Urban Decay's baked, a coppery gold color from the Book of Shadows vol. IV redux, and the coppery one on the Majolica Majorca Jeweling Eyes eyeshadow quad.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Urban Decay Vice 2 Palette Review (Holy Grail Product)

You may have just seen this recent tutorial I made! This was after the Binibining Pilipinas coronation night. If you guys checked out my blog post and the video, you'd hear me say something like 'All of today's eyeshadows come from the Urban Decay Vice 2 palette because it already has everything.' 


It has 20 new shades from Urban Decay, and the color spectrum representation is amazing! There's a good amount of color for neutral and natural looks, a group for sassy and colorful looks, another group for smokey looks, and basically everything in between. 

Let me walk you through the palette more so you could see where I'm coming from. :D

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Beauty Selection by Aliza Haul and Review

It's time for another online reseller review! These are items I bought from Beauty Selection by Aliza, her website is operated on Like all other sites, the store functions as a legit online shop, with items' prices in display and a proper checkout system. 

I did appreciate the quick response and the fast accommodations. I appreciated that within minutes of punching in my order (I did this noontime, please do not expect your reseller to answer queries at 3 in the morning), there was already a reply. I paid on the same day, and I was amused that unlike other sellers, I was even told of when the shipment was going to come. 

Usually, other sellers just give me a very rough estimate. But this swift and accurate shipping came with a price-- I was kinda surprised that shipping was Php100 when most of the other sellers have theirs for 90 at most. 

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Japanichi Shop Haul and Review

Here's to a collagen routine which will hopefully help to calm down my blackheads and keep the pimples under control! And here's to contact lens friendly eye drops so that I can finally leave the house with circle lenses on! 

Anyways, these are the items I got from Japanichi Shop in a recent haul! As their store name implies, they specialize in importing Japanese skincare, healthcare and food products. I have occasionally seen some American items, but they make just a really small percentage of everything the store has. 

For starters, I like how they have a legit website at where all the prices are already displayed and the shopping process is really streamlined. I have seen other sellers on instagram selling similar stuff, but it's just tiresome to ask for the price of each item you're interested in. I've also seen other sellers sell the items that I got at cheaper prices, but there's no free shipping in their stores, and in the case of what happened to this particular order of mine, no free shipping would be a cumbersome thing. 

Monday, April 07, 2014

Makeup Dupe Monday: Urban Decay Smog and Majolica Majorca's BR792

Hi everyone! I am really pleased to announce a new thing I'll be having here on my blog! As the title implies, I'll now be having Makeup Dupe Mondays here on Doll Up Mari! 

To explain further, this is something I had in mind while looking at a lot of dupes on Pinterest. I did see a lot of dupes and all, but felt that sometimes, the items were too Western-centric (no mention of any Asian products), were not really dupes in real life (the comparison was based on company photos and not on real life swatches and comparisons), and since in general Western people were the ones who lead in this field, what may be 'budget' dupes for them still do not count as budget dupes for people like me who live in a developing country. This is what made me to think of featuring dupes on a weekly basis on the blog. It may not be comprehensive as other dupe lists, but at least Asian products will surely get mentioned in this blog segment. In the future, to make it short, I'll be using #MDM as the beginning term for the titles of blog posts in this series. 

So anyways, let's start this segment with a bang! 
The first dupe I am featuring is between Urban Decay's smog eyeshadow and the dark brown one on Majolica Majorca's BR792 Jeweling Eyes eyeshadow quad. 

Funnily, on the pan, they don't look alike. As in initially, I thought that the dark brown would look like Darkhorse from my NAKED Palette more than smog. 

Sunday, April 06, 2014

NYX Wholesale PH Second Haul

I can say that I am a happy customer of NYX Wholesale PH because this is already my second haul with them! I am also happy that they really took my request seriously of maintaining the integrity of the items as they came in two layers of bubble wrap! 

The only downside is the 1 month waiting time for the items, but they have the lowest prices in town! As in if you're not rushing to own something or if you plan your Christmas gift giving ahead, you can save a loooooot of money if you buy from them! 

They have authentic stuff of like 20 brands, like Lime Crime, Obsessive Compulsive cosmetics, MAC, Wet n Wild, Rimmel, and of course, as the namesake implies, NYX. And did I mention? The prices are resonably higher than the US prices because a lot of the sellers here inflate the prices so much I don't even know how they still have customers when the same items are cheaper elsewhere! 

Anyways, to show you what kind of money you could be saving with them, let me name the items I got and the prices I paid for them! 

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Majolica Majorca Puff de Cheek RD414 (Cherry Macaron) Review

I have a feeling that many of you have seen this item in the stores or online but were afraid to even touch it because the packaging said 'red.' Probably your heads were filled with thoughts of Matryoshka dolls, zombie apocalypses, and blood. 

But today I will show you that this product is actually the exact opposite of what you all were thinking. 

To start off, this is Majolica Majorca's Puff de Cheek Blush in RD414 or int he shade of Cherry Macaron. Majolica Majorca, on the other hand, is basically a daughter brand of Shiseido (alongside Integrate, Tsubaki and Ma Cherie) and had just celebrated its 10th anniversary last year.