Chung Ying Cat Cafe


And I encountered quite a lot of other cats along the way in our recent trip, hence one whole post dedicated to it! 

So anyways, I'm starting off with my cat cafe visit. To those curious, this is Chung Ying cat cafe in Mong Kok. Technically their address is in Mong Kok, but to get here it's best if you get out in Prince Edward's MTR exit C2. It's in the Goldfish market, and it's in the center of this photo (the staircase). On its left is 360 degrees (a deli with a lot of dried fruits) and on its right a fish store. 

A good marker that you're near the store is if you see this paw print signage, and do take note that though it's a nice cafe and all, it's on the third floor, and will not be easily seen from the ground. The only sign is the sticker with all sorts of cute cats. After a scary staircase climb (who would not be scared of an extremely dusty staircase with bamboo scaffoldings all over), that's when you'd get there.

The moment you get here, it's such a nice place! It's super nice and cozy and all. For those with sensitive noses you'd smell a cat smell though...

I won't make this post wordy, so like, just enjoy all the kitty photos :3

But huhuhu look at their bathroom it's got Hello Kitty all over it. 

They also have a bathtub to groom their cats in. Their cats are used to baths because they've been given baths since they were kittens. 

And look at the KITTENS!!! They're sooo cute, had it not been that they cost HK$18,000 (Php 105,000+++) each I'd take all of them home! In the cafe you can play with about 20 champion, award winning and purebred Exotic Shorthairs and British Shorthairs. The kittens here are in an enclosure though, the ones they let guests play with are at least 6 months old I think. 

Mama Candy and her babies <3 

And here's Vincy, my favorite cat in the whole cafe. Too bad she's for sale, I hope she's still unsold the next time I visit the cafe. 

And here are the other cats in the cafe:

And this is the big daddy-O. He's in a cage because he already got every girl in the cafe pregnant. Naughty kitty indeed. 

Entry in the cafe is HK$138, and as of now since they've just opened this April 1 and still need Instagram followers, if you follow them (@chungying_catcafe) and show them the proof, you can get in for HK$98. The fee includes 90 minutes of playtime with the cats, as well as a snack and a drink for the human. You can also use the toys/pompoms in the cafe as well as have locker access for the safekeeping of your belongings. You can message them on Facebook or contact Ms. Chung at 69098811 (once you're in Hong Kong) at least a day before in order to make an appointment. They usually don't randomly accept walk ins as they try to limit the guests to 10 people per timeslot, to ensure that the cats do not get too tired and that the guests do have a genuine cat cafe experience. 

I have been told that their fees are already relatively low compared to the other cat cafes in Hong Kong that charge 200-300 HKD for an hour... In general this is not a very tourist-ey area (as most of what I saw were locals), and this cafe itself is in a relatively hidden location which is why rent is not as sky high as those cafes in Causeway Bay... 

I got myself a tub of peach jelly for snacks, since the other choice was mango dessert and I'm already quite tired of mangoes...

Flower Market

And here are some of the cats we saw at the flower market! They're owned by flower store owners cattier than them... 

Asahiya Bookstore

And amusingly I saw a lot of cat related books in Asahiya bookstore. 

A book on sushi with cat toppings-- I've seen everything. 

White Noise Records

And although this isn't really a place where one expects cats, but we also saw the two CUTEST SCOTTISH FOLDS in White Noise Records

We were browsing the store when all of a sudden I was squealing when this little furball came out! And to my surprise there was not one, but TWO furballs! According to the store's owner, Gary Ieong, these were cats that his friend gifted to him. According to him the breeding business is no longer as good as before in Hong Kong as people now prefer to adopt from the shelter or ask for their friends' kittens. 

I am amazed at how disciplined these cuties are! They live in a CD store but don't destroy the merchandise. This is a music store with everything indie and underground-- if it's rare, it must be sold here. A lot of the indie bands worldwide distribute their music through this store, and in the occasion they make vinyl versions of their albums, this is also the store to go to. 

This is Mari signing off from kitty land! Meow... 

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