Hi everyone! I am really pleased to announce a new thing I'll be having here on my blog! As the title implies, I'll now be having Makeup Dupe Mondays here on Doll Up Mari! 

To explain further, this is something I had in mind while looking at a lot of dupes on Pinterest. I did see a lot of dupes and all, but felt that sometimes, the items were too Western-centric (no mention of any Asian products), were not really dupes in real life (the comparison was based on company photos and not on real life swatches and comparisons), and since in general Western people were the ones who lead in this field, what may be 'budget' dupes for them still do not count as budget dupes for people like me who live in a developing country. This is what made me to think of featuring dupes on a weekly basis on the blog. It may not be comprehensive as other dupe lists, but at least Asian products will surely get mentioned in this blog segment. In the future, to make it short, I'll be using #MDM as the beginning term for the titles of blog posts in this series. 

So anyways, let's start this segment with a bang! 
The first dupe I am featuring is between Urban Decay's smog eyeshadow and the dark brown one on Majolica Majorca's BR792 Jeweling Eyes eyeshadow quad. 

Funnily, on the pan, they don't look alike. As in initially, I thought that the dark brown would look like Darkhorse from my NAKED Palette more than smog. 

But one thing's for sure-- swatches don't lie. These are the swatches without and with flash, and you would notice that they're so similar. If I didn't label this, it would actually be hard for anyone to know which is which. And honestly, had it not been that I was the one who swatched this, I wouldn't be able to know based on staring as to which eyeshadow is which. 

I guess this is a lesson for us all of not judging an eyeshadow based on what you see on the pan. Although Japanese eyeshadows like this Majolica Majorca palette are pigmented and easy to blend, they usually come in a thinner formulation than American eyeshadows. They are not as buttery, and the formulation tends to have more shimmer than metallic pigments. This is why like in this case, the eyeshadow looks darker in the pan than in real life. The only reason why it looks almost close in the swatch (in terms of darkness) was because I made a really heavy swatch. Otherwise, you would expect it to swatch a little bit lighter compared to the pan, and even lighter in photos because of the shimmer particles reflecting light.

And that ends the first episode of makeup dupe monday! Do tune in every Monday for something new! (I hope I can keep up huhuhu) 

What other differences do you notice between Japanese and Western eyeshadows? Please do tell me in the comments box! 

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