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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Majolica Majorca Jeweling Eyes (BR792) Everyday Eye Makeup Photo Tutorial

Hey everyone! You must've just seen my review yesterday on Majolica Majorca's BR792 Jeweling Eyes eyeshadow quad! I was supposed to put in this mini-tutorial alongside the reveiw but realized that it'd already be too long so I just put up my tutorial here on a separate post. 

This is a simple everyday look that you can do using this eyeshadow quad, do check out my step by step guide!

Just as a reminder, this eyeshadow quad has a white frosty color (upper left), a light taupe color (upper right), a copper color (bottom left) and a bronzy color (lower right).

I started with applying the copper color on my eyelid area. I used a shadow brush from my Tokidoki Pittura brush set to do it.

I put the eysahadow up until a little bit above my crease line, so that when I open my eye you can see the eyeshadow and all but it's not all over my whooole eyelid. 

Next, from the bottom up to strictly the crease line, I applied the bronzy color using this other shadow brush. I have no idea what brand it is as it was just given to me as a freebie for purschasing other items in a bazaar years back.

Once you've applied the bronzy color and blended it in, this is how it's supposed to look like.

 Next up, using my Sigma E21 brush, I'm using the light taupe color as a transition color to make a gradient from the eyelid area itself to the browbone area. I am applying this right above the end of the coppery eyeshadow I applied awhile ago.

Once applied and blended, this should be the effect. When smudging the transition color, use a small brush as well (like the Sigma E21), so that you're just dealing with the transition area. If you use a large brush for this, either the taupe eyeshadow will also get to your browbone or the copper and bronzy eyeshadows may fade after too many strokes. 

Lastly, I'm taking my Tokidoki brush again and sweeping the white color over my browbone area.

The whole look up close more or less looks like this, but from afar, the eyeshadow looks more blended and all, yet maintaining a lot of color opacity.

And this is the makeup with my eyes close. Can you see the subtle gradient from the lashline to the browbone area? I just love how easy to blend this eyeshadow is!

And these are additional photos of me sporting this look. What can you say? 

And this is how it looks like from afar with my eyes closed. Since I wanted to just exclusively used this quad, I went on with using the white color even if it's too shimmery for the browbone area. But for real life usage, I highly suggest the usage of a more matte highlighter color while retaining the rest of the look. This eyeshadow quad is shimmery and all but looks flattering on the skin, so I do envision this kind of eye makeup being worn to schools and offices. It's a nice way to brighten up your eyes.
And that concludes this simple eye makeup tutorial!

Would you want to see me make more photo tutorials? Please do tell me in the comments box!

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