Hooray for a shoe haul! A crocs shoe haul! I couldn't help myself and got five pairs of shoes last night at the annual crocs sale in Tiendesitas. 

I know it sounds so lavish, but for someone like me with size 9 feet, it's virtually impossible to find good and affordable shoes in my size on a normal basis. The shoe is either cute or doesn't fit, or is ugly but does fit. Or the shoes may fit but they're extremely expensive and something I wouldn't be able to use often. 

Stores are also known to not order big sizes a lot because most of the ladies are size 7, but for this sale, I can safely say that I'm the queen of the shoe sale as the size 7 ladies who are so used to having every shoe come in their size had to make do with the little stocks of size 7 shoes available. Though the shoes are in all sizes, there are more models and stocks for extremely large sizes (size 10) or the small ones (size 4-5). 

Yesterday was the exclusive sale, so today is the start of the public sale.

View from outside... 

I got myself these foldable shoes because aside from the extreme sale (buy 1 pair at 299 or 2 pairs at 499, and the shoes are originally at Php600-800 per pair), I bought them to put in my bag or to bring with me during a party. When it rains in UP Diliman it can get bad which is why it's important to bring spare footwear if you do not drive around campus in your own car. And I'm the kind of person who's not used to high heels so I want something relatively cute I can change into should my feet hurt so badly. 

There's just one word to describe this sale: CRAZY!!! 

And here's an illustration of what kind of sale this is--- see those shoes that are Php299? 

The sale is in Tiendesitas, from July 4-6 for the public. I have no idea if they have entrance fees implemented for this sale, but I did see a Php50/head fee on the banner or free entrance for Citi clients plus one companion. I think regardless of the time you go it'd be crowded, and if I were you it's best to go now because as of last night some items were already starting to go out of stock.  

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