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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Easy Office Friendly Makeup Tutorial with the Naked 3 Palette

 Hey everyone! Here's another simple tutorial using the Naked 3 palette! I only used 3 shades to get this look so trust me, it's really easy to do and suits the school and office setting!

So for this look, we'll be needing Strange as our highlight color (the leftmost shade here).
 We'll also be using Factory (chocolate brown near right end) as our dark shade and Trick (copper shade near left end) as our crease shade.
 This is the paddle side of the brush in the palette.
 And the blending side of the brush, just so it's not confusing when I refer to this later on.
To start off, have a good application of Urban Decay's Eyeshadow Primer Potion on your eyelids.

 Apply the product on the whoooole area, as in from the lashline to the area right before the eyebrow. Apply generously and massage it so that it goes on evenly.
 Now, using the paddle side of the brush, apply Factory onto the eyelid. Apply it from the lashline until a little bit above the crease.
 After applying, this is how it's supposed to look like. Try to make a really clean crescent shape with it, and make sure that it does not go overboard.
 With the eyeshadow remaining on the brush, apply Factory onto the outer half of the lower lashline. Use a dabbing motion to apply, but take care to not dab too hard to cause fallout.
 You can use the paddle brush for this as it's quite a large surface area.
 This is how it looks like so far.
 Next, apply Trick using the blending brush onto the crease area. This is quite an easy step because you simply have to follow the natural crevice of your eyes. The main goal here in this step is to make a smooth transition between Factory and Trick so that there doesn't seem to be a rainbow on your eyelid. Be sure to blend well.
 Initially, right after blending,  it will look a bit messy like this, so be sure to apply s of trick ome more to make sure that there's also a clean crescent shape.
 This is how it looks like. Be sure to dab gently though and not use a blending motion anymore because we do not want Factory's color to fade out. We want it blended, not faded.
  This is how it looks like after we've completely added Trick and blended everything in.
 Now it's time for highlight. Take the blending side and apply Strange on the browbone area. Be sure that it should more or less just be visible on the outer half of the area. You can apply a little on the area nearer the nose, but just a little. This is because in general we want the outer half to have an illusion of popping out and the inner half an illusion of sinking in. If nude eyeshadow is not available, don't overdo it. If you can make do without it, better.
 You can kind of see what I mean here. The white color is focused on the outer half and fades as you go towards the nose.
 The next step of course is to blend the highlight color with the crease color. We want a blended look and do not want a rainbow looking eyeshadow application.
 However you can dust a very very very small amount of Trick with the blending brush just to keep it vibrant in the end.
 The last eyeshadow step is apply Trick onto the inner half of the lower lashline.
 Now it's eyeliner time. Simply make a small and thin line.

 Next, curl the lashes. Make sure that they're curled enough before applying mascara. Curling after mascara may cause damage to the lashes and we do not want that. Moreover, since this is the only lash task for the day (as falsies are too extreme for this look), we have to take the mascara step seriously.
 And here it is, apply a good coating of mascara onto the upper and lower lashes.

 And once we get the eyebrows done, this is the final look.
 Ta da! Personally I felt that this color was too dark which is why I changed it into another eyebrow product color.

 This is the same look but with different eyebrows. Ta daaaaa!

And that's it for this tutorial! Till next time! 

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