It was beyond midnight last night and I was already ready to sleep when I suddenly saw a tweet made by Urban Decay. Apparently, they kinda took us by surprise and announced all of a sudden that there'd be a Naked 2 basics palette coming up ASAP! 

Compared to the first basics palette, this is described as the basics companion to Naked 2; thus, its color scheme is more cool toned, and leans more on the taupe-ey browns. Read on for more comparison and insight!  

So far, I don't think anyone has received a palette yet, despite being described as out of stock in their website. I have yet to see the pillars of beauty blogging (e.g. Temptalia, Frmheadtotoe, Xsparkage) actually make actual reviews about this and not just beauty news and sneak peek articles. 

The colors are described by the website as follows: 
Skimp- pale nude satin
Stark- nude-pink matte 
Frisk- warm gray matte 
Cover- muted red-brown matte 
Primal- muted brown matte
Undone- deep, smoky brown matte

I personally am looking forward to this more than when Naked 1 basics came out because I like how this really feels like an everyday palette. This is leaning towards the browns, and has no black, and I think that it's also nice that there are four brown colors, three of which seem neutral, leaving me with two highlight colors. I think this is their response to complaints on Naked 1 basics that it had too many light and faint colors and not enough usable browns, leaving many to consume the two browns faster than the other colors in the palette. 

I think you see what I mean with more browns to play with... 

I rarely use black eyeshadows, even when it's a glamorous evening affair, which is why I am excited about this new palette coming out! 

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