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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Beauty News: Tony Moly Now Has UV Boxes to Sterilize Makeup

Hooray for clean makeup! 

Tony Moly has now addressed the century long dilemma of dirty makeup testers with their UV sterilizer boxes. I think a lot of you can relate to the uncertainty one feels when trying out makeup in the store-- you have no idea how many people have used it before you, who these people are, and how often the tester is actually wiped or cleaned. Since not everyone will use makeup the same way, and some people will abuse testers more than others, you kind of have this fear that you might get some sort of infection from trying the testers out. Moreover, testers aren't stored the way we store our own makeup-- we keep our makeup closed, and in drawers and containers, whereas store testers are openly displayed and aren't covered in any way throughout the day. 

So, to eliminate the bacteria in the testers, and the fears of the consumers to use them, Tony Moly Philippines has released information that they now employ the use of UV sterilizer boxes in their stores nationwide. I know it sounds so formal and scientific, but a simple google search and you're bound to see microwave-like devices such as these. 

What happens inside the box is that the UV lamp's wavelength is powerful enough to get rid of bacteria, parasites, and does not affect the quality of the product nor its safety for human use. 

I usually just swatch all sorts of testers on my wrist, but since this news item came out, I have already been using testers as I would with my own makeup. I think I uploaded a selfie on Instagram with my whole face filled with Tony Moly products, and in this photo, I'm trying out their purple toned lipstick directly on myself. In fairness, I'm liking the direction this plum lipstick is going. 

But in fairness, my wrist swatching won't go away anytime soon because it's impossible to fit all these eyeshadows onto my eyelids... 

Hooray for cleaning their makeup testers at least once a day! They sometimes clean the makeup twice in a day if staff aren't busy in the afternoon...

It normally takes 9-12 months for a tester to be replaced (save for some really fast moving items), which is why the daily sterilizing routine is super important. I don't think anyone wants to deal with 9 months worth of germs in one sitting... 

If you have more sensitive skin towards testers, my best suggestion is to go in the morning (when most of the stores clean their testers), or you can ask the staff in the when they clean the testers so you can make a visit right after the cleaning. 

These testers are waiting for you to try them, don't make them wait. 

Try any Tony Moly product with confidence from now on! This is more or less the basic premise of what I've discovered about the UV box, so if you have more questions, feel free to visit Tony Moly Philippines' official website at or find their social media accounts. For specific details on what happens in every branch, it's best to consult the sales staff in the branch nearest you. 

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