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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Easy Purple Gradient Eyes with Integrate's Pure Big Eyes VI221 Quad

Hi everyone! So you've seen my review of Integrate's Pure Big Eyes in VI221 yesterday. Today, I'll be showing you all this simple tutorial with this eyeshadow quad!

So as a recap, this is Integrate's eyeshadow quad. Counter clockwise, the white one is the pearl shadow, followed by: faint pink eyeshadow, pink eyeshadow, purple eyeshadow, dark plum eyeshadow.

These are the brushes I used for the eyes for this look. All of these are Sigma Beauty brushes. We'll be using E21 for the lower lashline, E30 for blending in shadow onto the crease area, E40 for highlighting the brow bone area, and E55 for patting on our initial color.

This is me before everything. If you're also wondering, these lenses are Geo Medical's Nudy Grey lenses. 

To start the look off, I'm priming my eyelids with Urban decay's eyeshadow primer potion.

I'm using the wand to apply the primer, and since this tube is already drying up, I exert extra effort to blend and massage it in. 

Next, taking Sigma's E55 brush, I'm taking the dark plum color and applying it onto my eyelids. I'm going to apply this onto the area from the lashline up until about a millimeter above my crease line. 

This is how it looks like. Generally we're going after a rainbow/scallop shape here, but it needn't be a clean line as we're still going to blend in other colors onto this area. 

Now, taking my Sigma E30 brush, I'm taking the purple eyeshadow and I'm going to blend it onto the plum eyeshadow. I'm basically stroking the brush on the crevice of the crease and am just transitioning it with the plum one. 

I'm not blending it onto the whole thing, just onto the plum eyeshadow on the crease line itself. We want to have a gradient effect.  

Initially, this is how it looks like. We'll be adding a bit more of the purple eyeshadow and blending it in. 

So I have the brush placed higher, and using the same window wiper motion I'm just swiping more purple shadow onto my eyelids. In general, this brush applies and blends, so as long as you put on a reasonable amount (as in do not bombard the brush with too much shadow), you should be able to blend just fine. 

This is our look so far, we're now going to highlight and finish the face soon. 

Taking Sigma/'s E40 brush, I'm lightly dusting it over the faint pink eyeshadow and faintly brushing it onto the browbone area. Be sure to not pick up too much shadow and to not brush too hard to make sure that it does not go on too strongly. We want to make a faint highlight, not make a theatrical white spot on the browbone area. 

Next up, once you've applied the color, simply blend in the highlight color with the purple eyeshadow by using the E40 brush and sweeping on the area between the purple and faint pink eyeshadow. No need to clean the brush before this step as we also want some of the leftover faint pink eyeshadow to apply onto the purple eyeshadow area to facilitate further blending. 

And that's it! Eyeshadow for the eyelids is donw! We now just need to furnish the lower lashline with eyeshadows. 

I'm taking my Sigma E21 brush and applying the purple eyeshadow onto the outer 1/3 of the lower lashline.

Next up, I'm taking the pink eyeshadow and applying it onto the middle third of the lower lashline. 

To finish it off, I'm using the white pearl powder and putting it on the inner 1/3 of the lower lashline and applying it onto the inner corner of the eye.

Ta da, eyeshadow is done! We can now do everything else hee hee hee. 

To finish the eye makeup, I'm now using CanMake's strong eyes liner to line my eyes. 

 I'm making the line a bit longer to extend on the outer lashline to make a semi-droopy eye effect. This is probably an Asian thing as Western makeup prefers sky high winged tips and all...

 I'm now just going to curl my lashes with my most beloved eyelash curler, my Koji curving eyelash curler.

 To dress up the lashes, I'm using Heroine Make's volume and curl mascara on my upper and lower lashes.

And to finish the whole eye area, I'm applying Dolly Wink's eyebrow powder in Chocolate Brown onto my eyebrows. 

As an optional step, you may or may not apply false lashes. Since I want to glam this up, I'm using them. But if you choose to do a look like this on a normal day, you can definitely make do without falsies. 

These are Dolly Wink's Natural Dolly lashes, by the way.

Ta da!!! The overall look is done!!! 

(oh yes to those curious, my lippie and blush are from 3 Concept Eyes) 

Hooray for simple eye makeup anyone can do! Compared to the Western ones, you can see that Japanese shadows have this translucent and light effect on the eyes, unlike Western eyeshadows which are very buttery and opaque. It sometimes get to the point that Western ones may come off as cakey to some, especially if these people are used to using Japanese eyeshadows.

As for the shadow, it really has praiseworthy color payoff and pigmentation, and is very easy to blend and work with. Integrate's got good quality stuff, being a daughter brand of Shiseido. If you wish to get a similar look, you can also try to get stuff from Majolica Majorca as it's a sister brand of Integrate.

However, they haven't had a purple quad that's this purple in a long long time. Like I said in my review, one of my major reasons for getting this is because Majolica hasn't had one like this in a long time, since they phased out their purple quad. They have purple ones now, but they're really lighter than lilac, and usually they're in conjunction with brown or pink, and not with other shades of purple.

But bottomline, if you want shadows of a similar texture, Majolica is the way to go. They have cute blue and pink quads, by the way. :D

That's it for this tutorial, watch out for the next! 

What kinds of photo tutorials would you like to see in the future? Please do tell me in the comments box!!!

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