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Thursday, September 04, 2014

Reach University

Hooray for a new magazine in town! Last Friday (August 29), my family and I attended the launch of Reach magazine. The event, as this blog title implies, was entitled Reach University. 

Reach is sort of like a Reader's Digest with some celebrity tidbits and manga (the Japanese comics, not our national fruit), and there are coupons at the back. At the time of the launch, they were also launching their third magazine issue with Velerie Concepcion (and her daughter Fiona) on the cover. 

Initially, they were not doing formal magazines, and were instead doing glossy newsletters with articles on them alongside ads and all. They then decided to do formal magazines like these early this year. 

Last issue's cover girl was Kathryn Bernardo for Suntouch. 

The staff of the magazine in a group shot.

The event was held at The Library at Metrowalk. It's a tiny events place with, as the name implies, a library theme.

Here are some of the candidates of Miss Tourism World Philippines. They're here because the current issue has an editorial spread with a huuuuuuuuge feature of the pageant. 

The guests were busy reading their copies of the magazine...

And hooray for food <3 <3 <3 

Special dancers for the event in Pocahontas costumes...

I was so amused with these dancers that I just had to have a photo taken with them. 

The publisher, our close friend, Auntie Lolli, being praised by her staff onstage. 

And I was so blown away by the dancers because they told me before their performance that they'd do an interpretative dance, but the dance was actually gymnastics, acrobatics, cheerdancing, ballet, and interpretative dance rolled into one.  

Mama, my brother Mark (and his girlfriend Shaina), and Auntie Lolli. 

They gave away apples after the event, and by far this is the first event I've attended that gave apples away. They gave out goodie bags with samples from the sponsors and all, but I've never seen an event that gave out fruit in my whole life... 

Amusingly, I bumped into fellow blogger Alice (she's blogs at ). When I stepped into the venue, there was no other familiar blogger so I thought I was the only blogger there. Turns out, Alice was seated very near the stage, and I was roaming around the venue the whole time, which is why it's only at the end of the event that I actually saw her. 

More photos of the lovely candidates of Miss Tourism World Philippines

After the formal program, they had a band come in to perform, and I was (again) blown away as they rendered Clean Bandit's Rather Be so nicely. I was also not expecting bands in the Philippines to cover is this soon as it's still not yet the 'it' song of the moment here...

Reach Magazine can be purchased at National Bookstore and Powerbooks outlets, and for more information, you can check out their Facebook page here

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