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Sunday, November 30, 2014

OCC Lip Tar (Memento) Review (Holy Grail Product)

Happy December everyone! December will be starting tomorrow so to kind of kick things off I'm now going to start my reviews for OCC's Lip Tars. This, and three other more shades I'll be reviewing, are from their All Star Mini kit. This review will be specific to the shade alone, and I'll be coming up with a more general review for lip tars in a summary post. 

This shade is Memento, and honestly this is the shade that got me to buy the kit. I was googling around for MLBB (my lips but better) lip tars, but the photos were not accurate enough, and there wasn't really a consensus on which lip tars were the best MLBB shades, so I went with this one first. I thought that should this not work out, there's three other useful shades in the kit that I could toy with. 

Thankfully, though it is not the 'best' MLBB lippie (if you're going to use the definition very strictly), it is actually really natural looking and flattering on the lips on its own way. 

Friday, November 28, 2014

CanMake Make Me Happy Fragrance Body Cream (Sugar Berry)

 It's body cream time! This is CanMake's body cream in sugar berry.

Like the hand cream, this is also notably very refreshingly fragrant. At first, I was laughing at the name of the scent because I was like how does one smell sugar, but the moment I sniffed it, the name was right all along. It smells like berries and all, but does not have this sour or tangy hint to it like the usual berries smell like. It smells like a really sweetened version of berries.

Like the hand cream, it's also really quick absorbing.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Etude House Top 8 Christmas Gift Suggestions + Giveaway!!!

Hooooooraaaayy for the holidays! I know a lot of you are rushing to get Christmas presents for people, so I kinda thought of making the process a bit easier by making my own suggestions of what would be great Christmas presents for all your female (regardless of cis-woman or trans-woman #Equality) friends, relatives, colleagues, and whatever, based on whatever your budget may be. I chose to make this an Etude House post because I have been planning to launch an Etude House giveaway from awhile back and thought that it would be nice to pair the giveaway post with some Christmas gift suggestions. And I think at the same time, Etude House is one of the few stores with legit items at every price point; it's a good place to start if you have different budgets for different recipients. 

To start, just to make a disclaimer, I was not paid, sponsored, bribed, coerced, nor compensated in any way to do this post. I personally purchased most of the items I'll be featuring, and I also purchased everything that I'll be giving away in the giveaway. All items featured in this giveaway are 100% authentic, unused, and newly bought.  


Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The Face Shop Face Masks Review (?)

There are just times when I don't know what I'm doing, like today. This isn't really a review of the masks, just me sharing how I use them and which masks I own or have tried so far. 

I love mask sheets in general. I mean, who doesn't? (okay maybe not my family because they get freaked out when they see my face all white and ghostly...) I love how they help to calm my blackheads down and give me nice and supple skin overall. Too bad it'll be too expensive if I used them really often!

I know this is so stingy of me, but in general, when I have a face mask, I squeeze the mask sheet while pulling it out of the bag so that it's just damp and not dripping with the essence. What I do is use the mask sheet, throw it away, but keep the bag. I then use the remaining essence in the bag as my night cream until I consume everything. This way, I get to have really nice skin for up to a week! 

In terms of hygiene the bag remains clean as I do put it in a clean area of our bathroom, and I don't make such a large slit that the essence gets exposed to the elements 24/7. 

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Essential Rich Premier Hair Essence Review (Holy Grail Product)

This is by far the only leave in product that nourishes and softens my hair without making it oily! And by far this is the most fragrant haircare product I own as it smells a lot like honey! 

I have always loved Essential's products and this is no exception. This is their hair essence. 

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Urban Decay Dangerous Palette Review

This is unfortunately one Urban Decay gem that's already discontinued, but since the individual eyeshadows in this palette are still not yet discontinued, I thought that I might as well upload some photos of the palette and give some thoughts and descriptions over the eyeshadow shades in this palette.

Say hello to Urban Decay's Dangerous palette!  

To start off, it's got 6 eyeshadows and a lip gloss. 

Sunday, November 09, 2014

My Etude House 2014 Great Princess Sale Haul

When Etude House announced that something big was coming when they reached 350 thousand fans on Facebook, I already kinda sensed that a big sale was coming up so I paused my purchases and waited for the big news to arrive. 

And true enough, my guess was correct. After a looooooooooong time of having no sales, EH celebrated their 350 thousandth fan on Facebook with a nationwide, storewide 20% discount on everything Etude. I know that sentence is so dense and redundant but I think those who always shop at EH know how I feel. 

So yeah, here's my Etude House 2014 The Great Princess Sale Haul!!! 
(Please note that the prices I will say in this post are discounted prices as they appeared in my official receipt. For original prices of products, go to or ask them on Facebook). 

Saturday, November 08, 2014

Stila One Step Correct Skintone Correcting and Brightening Serum Review (Holy Grail Product)

This is one of those products that you never knew that you needed so badly (especially as a makeup artist) until you had it in your hands. And this is also one of those products that you'd never realize how good it is until you put it on your face and see how it solves all your color related problems. 

This is stila's one step correct skin tone brightening and correcting serum. By far, this is the first ever stila purchase I've made, and since I've never received any stila product as a present before, this is also the first stila product I own. 

Stila isn't really that popular here in the Philippines and I actually do not know why. I mean Urban Decay and Make Up For Ever are selling their products at similar prices but the two brands are relatively known here, especially among the beauty junkie crowd. If not for news articles and features in magazines, I honestly wouldn't know that there was a stila outlet in the Philippines... 

Thursday, November 06, 2014

Tony Moly Kiss Lover Lip Master (03-Sexy Red) Review + Gradient Lip Tutorial

Say hello to the lip product with an identity crisis! 

Or well, I guess I shouldn't have phrased it that way because I'm actually thankful that Tony Moly's Kiss Lover Lip Master works as lipstick, lip gloss, mild lip balm, and lip tint ALL AT THE SAME TIME. 

I am serious. It's a product that you are bound to love because of how good it is at multitasking. 

Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Urban Decay Marshmallow Body Powder Review

I think I can safely say that I am an Urban Decay collector now because I buy UD items that I already consciously know as phased out. I dunno, I just feel like I missed out on a lot by not having a Vice 1 palette that it kinda translated to a lot of the other items that Urban Decay has. I know, I'm so emotional right huhubells. 

Anyways, this is their marshmallow powder! This isn't really a high end 'outshine your neighbor' kind of product, as with usual Urban Decay products, but it's super amusing though. 

This is a body shimmer. 
A body shimmer that smells like marshmallows. 
A body shimmer that tastes sweet. 
Sweet. sweet. sweet.

Saturday, November 01, 2014

Carnival Cosmetics Colour Palette (Everyday Sexy) Review

Hooray for office friendly colors! 

I think you're see my review from awhile back for Carnival Colour Palette in the 'Party' set, so my review for today will be for the other variant, the 'Everyday Sexy' set.