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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Etude House Now In TriNoma!!!

Hoooraaaaay!!! Etude House is now in TriNoma! I know they opened a lot of branches this year and all, but this means a lot to me because I live in the area, and I have always had a hard time whenever I'm in TriNoma but want to visit an Etude House store because either I'd have to not visit for the trip or I'd have to walk all the way to SM North. I know I sound so lazy saying this, but like when you just want a short trip, the additional 10-15 minutes you have to devote to walk to the other mall and possibly another round walking back is kind of a hassle. 

This explains why i'm so happy. And weeell, the second major thing that makes me so happy about this branch is that Etude House already stepped up their interior design game and they've already implemented the new concept stores, this store being one of them. This already looks like a lot Hong Kong Etude House stores. And for those who also frequent the store, I think you'll see in the photos I have here that they have more stair-like display racks, which is why a lot of the products are already prominently seen. The old design stores do have racks, but not as display-efficient as these.  

And I guess what drove me and my mom crazy is this chandelier with ballerinas on it. Actually, the whole store is brimming with ballerina figures, but to see it on the chandelier is just so pretty. Huhuhu I spent a good minute staring at the ceiling because of this. 

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Mari's Etude House Holiday 2014 Giveaway Winners

Hooooraaaay!!! We have a winner!!! I am so happy to be ending this giveaway as I am so excited to announce the winners!!! 

Sunday, December 14, 2014

CanMake Make Me Happy Fragrance Hand and Nail Cream (Juiceful Peach) Review

I have eternally dry hands so this was kind of a refreshing product to use. But meh, who am I kidding, this is a refreshing product to use! This is CanMake's Make Me Happy Fragrance Hand Cream in Juiceful Peach. It smells really lovely, it's a good take on peach because the usual peach scented items smell too fake that it's dizzying. I like the addition of a citrus fragrance to it to balance out the really sweet smell of the peaches. 

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

innisfree Capsule Recipe Pack (Jeju bija & tea tree) Review

Ever since I started seeing and using face masks, they were always these mask sheets soaked in essence sold in pouches. This is my first time to use a puschased mask that you rub on the face, because all the other times, it's me who concocts all sorts of face scrubs and masks. 

Say hello to innisfree's capsule recipe pack in the Jeju bija and tea tree variant! The main reason why I purchased this is because this was what the saleslady recommended when I asked for a product I could use that was good in controlling oil on the skin. Honestly, I wasn't eyeing on this one as the rice, strawberry and honey variants seemed cuter (and yummier to think about). 

Sunday, December 07, 2014

OCC Lip Tar All Star Mini x 4 Set Review (Holy Grail Product)

You've seen all the individual reviews within this week so it's now time for me to give a roundup post of my Lip Tar kit! 

Read on for more! 

Saturday, December 06, 2014

OCC Lip Tar (Black Dahlia) Review

This is a lip tar I'll be reaching out less often than the others, for several reasons.

Primarily, it's an obviously vampy color that there are few occasions that call for this kind of lippie. I mean you'd usually only be able to sport this in special parties, as in not just any party because it's too vampy. It'd usually have to be a costume party, a 1930's themed party to be exact, before you'd be able to comfortably sport this color. 

Thursday, December 04, 2014

OCC Lip Tar (NSFW) Review

Welllllll.... this is one of those shades whose name is a misnomer for what it really is... 

This is OCC's Lip tar in NSFW, but honestly, I think that this is the safest red for work. It's red and all, but among all the reds I've seen, this is the most neutral and the least shocking. I mean you guys should see Urban Decay's lipstick in F-Bomb to get what I mean when I say that this lippie isn't that shocking... 

Tuesday, December 02, 2014

OCC Lip Tar (Anime) Review

I know you've seen my review of Memento so it's now time for something more shocking. This is OCC's Lip Tar in Anime, and this has been one of the most difficult lippies to photograph because its shock factor just doesn't come out in photos that it's guilt tripping. I feel bad actually that even after almost a hundred takes with this lippie, I still could not do justice and illustrate how shocking it is.