Hooooraaaay!!! We have a winner!!! I am so happy to be ending this giveaway as I am so excited to announce the winners!!! 

Many congratulations to Nikka Valenzuela for winning the first prize loot bag and to Gimelyn Pining and Hanna Espiritu for winning the second prize loot bags! First things first, I'll be sending you guys emails or some other sort of notification to ask for your contact information and address so I could send you your Christmas presents *wink wink* already. Please be noted that failure to reply within 3 days will forfeit your winnings and another winner will be chosen. As for Ms. Gimelyn and Ms. Hanna, please comment on this blog post which second prize bag you wish to receive. Dibs goes to first person who comments on this blog post. 

Okaaaay, as for the winner's selection, I know a lot of you are curious so I decided to put up some of the measures which I took to select the winner. Usually, I'd just select from Rafflecopter by generating a number from 1 to the last entry made, but since there were non-Rafflecopter entries in this giveaway, I randomly selected a Facebook, Instagram and Rafflecopter candidate for the grand prize. 

For Facebook, I randomly selected a letter from the alphabet. The provided number is 13 which corresponds to the letter N. So I looked at the posts with #MarisEtudeGiveaway on Facebook and looked for the first entry wherein the person's name starts with an N. Nikka came up.  

As for the Instagram component, since there's a more stringent way to monitor, I checked out 2 letters. I got 7 which corresponds to letter G. And to select a vowel, I autoselected between 1-5, with 3 corresponding to I. After, I used the search function to look for a user with G and I in her username, and Gimelyn matched. 

For the Rafflecopter user, I basically chose a number between 1 and 2526. Since he/she did not win in the end, I'd rather not say. I made a random drawlot and was able to select the Facebook representative as the winner. 

To select the second prize bag winners, I kept the Instagram rep and the Rafflecopter rep from the previous round. But, to reward those who really make an effort to share the posts, I chose those two other people who own personal (not giveaway accounts) and shared the post on Instagram the most. One of this was Ms. Hanna who had shared it 12 times on Instagram, and another user. There were actually people who shared it waaaaay more times than she and the other user did, but since they were giveaway accounts, they are deemed ineligible for wining. 

 I selected two winners between Ms. Gimelyn, Ms. Hanna, Rafflecopter rep, and Another User, and I got Ms. Gimelyn and Ms. Hanna after I did another round of drawlots. 

So that more or less sums up how I selected winners. 

For those who didn't win this time, please don't feel bad! I honestly want to give a prize to everyone, but with almost 1500 people joining, it's just not possible. The best I can do is just host more and more giveaways so that you guys have more opportunities to win great stuff. I'm also kinda planning to host surprise and flash giveaways so it pays to be a good noodle! 

So, that's it for this giveaway! Stay tuned for more giveaways that I have in store this coming 2015! Merry Christmas to all! <3  

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