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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Eau Thermale Avène Bloggers' Event

Since being busy with Brandstorm, this is the first event I have attended in a looong, long time! I had to forego two Maybelline events due to being so busy with Brandstorm, and some other events as well. Thankfully, this event by Avène was scheduled on the 27th (right after Brandstorm), so I already had the time to attend. 

I would say that this event is a small, intimate event as there were only about 20 bloggers in attendance, and purely bloggers. There was no one there covering for the press.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Brandstorm 2015 National Finals

This blog post will most definitely not encapsulat everything I have felt and everything I have went through in the past six months with Brandstorm. 

I was laughing when Hannah from Ogilvy texted me if I could come over and blog about the Brandstorm National finals because I was actually one of the contestants. I told her that I really was gonna be there because I was in it.  

So well, what is Brandstorm, if you may ask? 
It's L'Oreal's worldwide competition for groups of three students. There is a selected L'Oreal brand every year, and students will be asked to create new products (or for this year, new retail experiences) alongside promotional efforts for the proposed products/experiences. The experiences and the promotional strategies will be put together in a communications campaign. Every country will send one team to Paris to compete against all the other countries, and one country will emerge victorious.

I wouldn't really say that it's a business competition because we basically do everything here. In the span of the last six months, I have done everything from idea generation, graphic design, consumer market insighting, scriptwriting, declamation, researching, and virtually doing all of these at the same time. L'Oreal actually suggests that a communications major, a business major, and an engineering major will probably make the best kind of team as they will be able to cover all the things done in Brandstorm. I guess that shows how much of all-around I was in the past six months HAHAHA.

And oh yeah, I forgot to say, that this year's brand is Lancome in the travel retail channel. This means airports, airplanes, cruises, and Duty Free stores. They emphasized the travel retail part because travel retail is sooooooooo different from normal shopping mall kind of retail. When it comes to airports, there is no such thing as repeat customers and your customers are of different nationalities. You have to make ways for them to want to visit your store in their short time in the airport, and to make them know about your store even when these consumers are potentially from different countries and speakers of different languages. At the same time, customers are looking for shopping experiences that are fast, pleasurable, and nice, even if their primary goal is to board their flight. So it's important to create very interesting store displays and promotions that will not eat up the consumers' time, and to give consumers luxury in the airport. As for Lancome being this year's brand, it's because it's one of L'Oreal's strongholds in the travel retail channel.

Thursday, March 05, 2015

BCL Now in the Philippines!

Many joy, much happy! Thank you so much BCL PH for sending this package over!

I never actually thought that the day that Japanese makeup would be easily accessible here in the Philippines would EVER come. As in I used to have to be in Hong Kong, Taiwan, or Singapore before I could get my fix of Dolly Wink, CanMake, Candy Doll, and basically every other cutesy Japanese brand. 

The same people who brought in Dolly Wink have now set on to even greater heights as they also are bringing in BCL to our soil!