Many joy, much happy! Thank you so much BCL PH for sending this package over!

I never actually thought that the day that Japanese makeup would be easily accessible here in the Philippines would EVER come. As in I used to have to be in Hong Kong, Taiwan, or Singapore before I could get my fix of Dolly Wink, CanMake, Candy Doll, and basically every other cutesy Japanese brand. 

The same people who brought in Dolly Wink have now set on to even greater heights as they also are bringing in BCL to our soil! 

To kinda give a brief introduction, BCL stands for Beauty Creative Lab. It's basically a company, rather than a brand, because it has a lot of sub brands that encompass makeup, skincare, nail products, beauty tools, and the like.

This is a screenshot from the official Japanese website.

They have products targeted for mostly young women, but no one said the young at heart can't get a share of the good stuff! 

 They have a lot of stuff that we see in Sasa actually, now that I think of it. I am in awe that even if we don't have Sasa stores here, there are caring folks who bother to bring in all these cutesy Japanese brands.

As for this package they sent me, it's the Peeling Gel from BCL's new Baby Smooth collection. They have this whole new collection that promises to give, of course, as the name implies, baby smooth skin. There's a facial brush , facial wash, facial cleansing oil, and this peeling gel in the collection. 

I checked out BCL Japan's Facebook page and I saw that they had just launched this too in Indonesia, and Malaysia if I'm not mistaken.

This is one of the company's ads for this collection. I'm actually curious as to how the facial wash will smell like! I'm also in love with the concept of this collection because I'm aware that a lot of Pinays have blackheads and a lot of dead skin due to our bad pollution and think that this collection can be of much help.  

Unfortunately, I still haven't had the chance to see their wares in Landmark yet. They already have items sold in Landmark, but I'm not sure as to how much or how little of the actual collections of BCL's brands have they brought in. I am very, very curious about how much of the makeup products have they brought in. I really do hope that I can make a trip soon! 

For the curious folks, you can find their Facebook page at

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