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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Cocoon Boutique Hotel Summer Promo

OMG! Rooms at 45% off! I am so excited about Cocoon Boutique Hotel's Summer Promo! 

Just go to and search "Cocoon Boutique Hotel" and avail of this discount when you book through Cocoon Hotel's website! Remember, the promo is only good for online bookings for stays to be done this month so hurry!!!

Saturday, May 09, 2015

My Nivea Great 2015 Sale Mini Haul

 Hooray for 50% off crazy sales!!! I have no idea what made Nivea do this, but it is so, so, so nice of them to give everyone the chance to hoard their products at 50% off! I have seen tons of people on my Facebook feed, whether Facebook friends or other people in the Facebook groups I am in, share their Nivea hauls, and I AM SERIOUS WHEN I SAY THAT THIS IS ONE OF THE TAMEST HAULS IN THE BUNCH HAHAHA.

Yes I say this because I have seen guys who bought 20 or more spray cans of deodorant, moms who basically bought all their babies' needs for the next eternity (10 bottles of lotion, 6 bottles of baby powder, 20 bars of soap what have you), and basically the common citizen who bought enough toiletries to last this presidency and the next.

So anyways, here goes my haul!

Friday, May 01, 2015

Heroine Make Event featuring Ms. Sayuri Igarashi

It's nice to get invited to blogger events, but I can say that it's even nicer when you're invited to an event of a brand that you've long been using. I've been using Heroine Make cosmetics since 2009, which is why I was so excited to attend their makeup event last April 26.

They're launching their new Jewelry Eye Color eyeshadow, and to do so with a bang, they invited esteemed international makeup artist Ms. Sayuri Igarashi to conduct a makeup workshop.
She has already had a makeup career spanning almost three decades, so she knows her stuff. It's also nice that even if she is Japanese, she has very Western standards in makeup, which is why a lot of her tips are relatable to the Pinoy standards.