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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Yamashiro Whitening Soap Review

 Hooray for instant white! I was graciously sent a sample of Yamashiro Whitening soap by their Philippine distributors.

Yamashiro soap is new to the market, but it packs great promise. I really see this soap in the levels of fame that Tokyo Love Soap and Metathione soaps are experiencing. This, though, is a "healthier" version of the whitening soaps family because its secret is the highest form of Vitamin C that can be derived from fruits and plants.

The bar's packaging is very basic. I'm assuming that this is probably part of a 10-pack or some other big pack in a hard box because the soap just comes with a wax paper covering and is then slipped into a glossy paper wrapper. I'm also guessing that they might have done this because cardboard boxes may contain more acid that may taint the soap (?) (am i still making sense?)

This is the back label of the soap. It says here that it provides a delicate and gentle cleansing for the face.

It's also explaining that it's a medicinal whitening soap that utilizes narutal fruit extracts to help moisturize. It has lemon and strawberry extracts in it, too.

The other things written, the ones in the bullets, are more of just warnings. It just says that if you use it on your face and experience any kind of irritation, please stop using the product immediately. Since the product is made from natural extracts and is therefore subject to changes, if the soap seems to be in a funky color or form, please do not use it. The last one, I'm not so sure, but the way I understand it, it says that should you leave it too long under water, or exposed to water, please dry it out in the sun.

So this is how big it is. It's just right. Not too big and not too small, the usual size of bar soap you'd see in stores. 

And this is what I mean by wax paper wrapper. I think they did this since the glossy paper is quite thin, and there's a big chance that if it gets wet, the water may easily penetrate to the soap bar if no wax paper is there to protect it. 
I was thinking that since this was made from fruit extracts that it'd have chunks or that the bar would come with multicolored streaks. But it's a plain orange color. I know it looks soooo much like a papaya soap bar, but it has no relations to it at all (in terms of scent). I am not closed to the idea that there could also have been papaya extracts in the lump sum "fruit extracts" indicated in the label, but the soap smells like a satsuma or a mandarin, and I'm guessing that the orange color is either at random, or inspired by the citrus fruits in the soap.

I took it out on a road test to see the 3 minute miracle for myself. 

I could tell that this was a beauty soap and not a family kind of bar soap because it's not foamy, but rather it lathers velvetly (if that even makes sense). It doesn't bubble up, but it's got a rich lather, too.

I don't recommend this for the body, actually. I mean it's really, really good for the body, but given how fast I end up using a soap bar on the body, you might want to use this for the face only so that you can enjoy it for a longer time... (but well on the other hand it's also not cool to have a white face and a mismatched body, so yeah do what you want and enjoy this soap and your life and everything hahaha) 

But anyways, here's my arm all lathered up and everything.

And woohoo! The three minute miracle is real! Of course, please do not expect to go from one end of the spectrum to another, but do expect to see noticeably fairer and brighter skin in one wash! I guess it cleanses the skin so well and has enough of the vitamin C and fruit extracts to really make a difference...

Hooray for three minute miracles!
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  1. Hello sis san ako makakabili nyan. Kasi for now I'm planning to use Beauche Kojic Soap any review po ukol dito nakita lng po beauche soap dito

  2. Good and fair review of the product. Were you able to read any expiration date on the label/wrapper. Thanks so much.