Hello again, friends! I have here with me a long overdue post! Veet contacted me May 2014 to ask if I wanted a kit from them, and I said why not? I got the kit February 2015, and it's only now I get to talk about this. No, Veet people, I'm not trying to plot revenge for the time gap. I really just got super busy since January that it's only been last month that I was able to pay more attention to my blog. Sorry again for the delays! Anyways, let me show you the box's contents now!

So this is the box. It's a nice, square box.

Here are the contents:

They gave us wax strips. While I am curious to see how effective this is, I've never done waxing, so this is making me a bit nervous!

I also got hair removal cream for sensitive skin.

As well as hair removal cream for normal skin. This is a small tube relative to the one they sent for sensitive skin.

I will be back soon with reviews! I was already slated to come up with a review with my hair removal cream, but well, I had to grow my leg hairs because they grow slowly hahaha. So yes, look out! 

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