Finally, a new watery type of BB that controls oil and provides natural coverage at the same time is here!!!

Introducing: Biorè UV Aqua Rich Watery BB! It has a light, watery texture that spreads and blends easily into any skin tone without the sticky feel like most other BB creams. So your skin will feel fresh and comfortable all day even in our humid weather.

It boasts a 3D brightening effect to instantly enhance facial contours and conceal pores and lines.

AAAAAAND, it also contains ingredients to control oil, so your make-up can last longer.

And the best part is that it protects you against the skin burning caused by UVB rays  and skin aging from UVA rays with its superior SPF 50 and PA+++ features!!!  It matches any skin tone, is long lasting and sweat proof, and is most importantly gentle on the skin!

Some other interesting features you NEED to know:
It contains Hyaluronic Acid and Citrus extracts that hydrate the skin, oil control ingredients  to help keep make-up lasting for longer, and consists of a 3D Brightening Effect which is composed of soft and fine brightening powder that it instantly enhances facial contours and conceals pores and lines.

So go out and be ready to party anytime with Biorè UV Aqua Rich Watery BB!

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