The best testament as to how busy I was when I was interning for Cream Silk is the fact that I had no time to talk about my time there. After working with the brand for almost a good three months (my internship was just one and a half month due to my wisdom tooth fiasco, but I basically did the work for 3 months while waiting for my successor and while getting her geared up to take on what I left), I actually never felt prouder to be a Filipino. Cream Silk is a brand about women empowerment and the epitomization of a fearless, headstrong, independent woman. But I was prouder about the Filipino part than the woman part. 
This TVC was a positive surprise to me because it's the first major move the brand has done that did not involve me since June (when I started there). Everything that you see now (prior to this TVC) in terms of events, TVC's, activations, stickers on tubes, or whatever-- either I knew of it or made a contribution to it. I actually do not regret not having done a lot for the blog during my time there (but still hahahuhu) because I found it to be a good learning experience. Almost everything I did was due on the day or due the next day (which is why it went to a point that I'd dream of my tasks hahaha), but everything had business impact. The company has formally employed coffee ladies (which is why in Unilever no intern is made to make coffee like what is being done in other companies), and while there are theoretical research/presentations to be done, the rest of the activities are hands-on, real life impacting activities. And this is why my attachment to the brand is so high now you can see it on the sidebar of this blog...

Anywaays, going back to the TVC. This is what I loved about it: 
1.) My (and the rest of the nation's) dream of Nadine being a legit endorser has finally come true.

When she was asked to be the Hair Dare ambassadress, she was still just the Hair Dare ambassadress.

 I could not call her a formal Cream Silk girl because it was an endorsement of one major marketing development activity rather than an endorsement of the brand as a whole. When I met her during the shoot of the Hair Dare video, I was like "More power I wish my bosses would give you an official endorsement." Lo and behold, she now has a formal endorsement. 

2.) Heart, Anne, and Nadine in one TVC. 
If you notice the more recent ads of Cream Silk, Anne, Toni and Heart are in different TVC's, with each TVC just featuring one girl. Like the TVC for the Leave On Cream featuring Anne Curtis alone... 

Seeing three very powerful celebrities together in one TVC makes it so much cooler and more powerful and everything. "Nothing, nothing, nothing conditions like Cream Silk" will probably get us singing "I have nothing, nothing, nothing if I don't have you (Cream Silk)" for quite some time hahaha.

3.) I have high hopes for their not fixating on Standout Straight (the pink one)
If you notice the marketing of Cream Silk over a long period of time, you will notice that most of the time it's the pink variant with the most air time, the one being held by the endorser, the tube that is flying into outer space in the computer graphics part, and basically the one hogging all the attention. As of late, the TVC's and print ads also focus on letting the endorser wear pink clothes, or like in this case, making Heart wear black against a very very pink visual.

Posted by Cream Silk Philippines on Tuesday, January 12, 2016

I really liked how the new TVC clearly shows visuals hinting about the green variant (hair fall defense) with Anne and blue (damage control) variant with Nadine because I honestly feel that we are now in the era that straight hair is not everything anymore. Like straight hair is still prized as a trait, but people are also starting to like beach curls, wavy hair, and flaunting all sorts of hair colors. The focus is not just on making the hair straight anymore. Cream Silk has a lot of variants for a lot of kinds of hair, which is why I liked that there were more being highlighted in this TVC.

4.) The Key Message is empowering.
The last communications before this were all about communicating that Cream Silk had a formulation improvement and had more conditioning power. This is why the sexy voiced narrator in the commercials would be like "Cream Silk. Now made even better with Improved Hair Reborn technology that targets and conditions areas that some conditioners miss." And she'd be emphasizing the improved word a lot in the TVC. I have watched this TVC of Heart so many times my friends even make me recite the whole commercial with feelings to them...

Since they seem to have gotten that message across now (like if you still do not know that it's already improved you probably lived in a chimney for the last 5 years), they're now able to move forward to more empowering communications. "Transform yourself because nothing, nothing, nothing conditions like Cream Silk" is very appropriate for the 2016 woman, if you ask me. It's very relevant because we reinvent ourselves with our hair more and more often nowadays. Back then hair color was assumed to have been used only by promiscuous women, or if your hair gets chopped too short you have to wait it out, or that perms only went one way (which unfortunately was uncontrollably frizzy and unruly). Nowadays, all of those notions are left behind. We change our hair no longer as a change of hairstyle but more of a reinvention or rediscovery of self. While we still rely on hair care to spare us from damage (like what the Daily Treatment Conditioner does), we now seem to view haircare as our partners in living out our transformations, making the new communications appropriate for most of us.

And wee, that's it! I feel that the calligraphy script can go hahaha, but other than that, I am really happy about this new TVC of the brand. What are your thoughts?

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