In a whirlwind chain of events, we now have Sephora. But sorta. Because Luxola is now Sephora! Who knew?!

I saw ads for Sephora Philippines yesterday and was very shocked that I shared it on my page. As a blogger I normally get to know of things first hand because a lot of people in my circles are bloggers (yes, not all blogger events are catfights where no one talks to each other hahaha), and someone is bound to talk about anything worth talking about (like this occasion included). At the same time, the shock was greater when I saw Luxola post images that seem like Sephora's visuals. I was honestly taken by surprise!

If you remember awhile back, I actually blogged about Luxola when they sent me a tube of Revitalash and I talked about my whole experience about having an item come over from them. I never knew this would happen!

  When I checked their site, it has been confirmed to me that they have been acquired/ are in a joint venture with Sephora already! 

So yeah, going back, this is now the catch. There is no Urban Decay as of now, which I think is something that still will not make people do all their shopping here. 

It's still exactly like Luxola, just with a new name, actually, and perhaps a little bit more brands. I immediately noticed this because this new website has 3 Concept Eyes while the Western Sephora doesn't carry it. 

And the last I remember, Sephora did not carry Sigma Beauty, something which this site does carry...

I like this whole notion of Sephora Philippines because if they are setting things up as such they will make customer service policies applicable to our country. Like this would probably mean we'd have a help desk, or items would come faster because there is local representation, or that we'd be paying reasonable prices (I haven't done a detailed SRP vs. website comparison of the stuff yet so I can't tell).

I was excited about the launch and was hoping that a lot of brands that do not have representation here (like Urban Decay, Tarte, Fresh, etc.) would be sold in the website, but too bad they're still not sold in the Asian version. So yeah, don't get tooooo excited. Have just the right level of excitement hahaha...

 However, I still am happy that they carry Sephora Collection, which is already a news article in itself!

If you're curious, check them out at

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