Bold highbrows are definitely one of today's hottest beauty trends. Bold, beautiful, statement brows claim to be the ”IT” accessory for the coming year, enhancing a woman’s face to make her look younger and polished when done the right way. It doesn’t come as a surprise that 60s thin brows bother women these days along with a nose that lacks lift to ultimately frame the face. With many options ranging from risky and expensive plastic surgery down to tedious contouring using products that are NOT really meant for contouring, she’s left with inconvenient options just to enhance the contours of her face.

It’s time to bid average flat-looking everyday makeup goodbye and up the ante with a T-lift.  Not sure how to brow? Leave it up to the newest Fashion Brow 3D Contouring Palette to do the job.

“Most of us Filipinas weren’t born with slim and lifted nose, and often leave it as is when it comes to doing everyday makeup. Finally, we at Maybelline New York, developed a very convenient and easy-to-use product to add dimension to one’s face without full-on contouring. Now, filling in your eyebrows and sculpting your nose to make it appear slimmer to achieve a T-Lift is so easy with Fashion Brow 3D Contouring Palette.”

The two-in-one palette comes with wax, powder, and shadow to easily achieve the T-lift. Start by shaping your eyebrows with the wax, and fill them in with powder. Then for the game-changing technique that just requires a few seconds, contour your nose with the brown shadow. In an instant, nose appears 25% slimmer and more lifted for that framed makeup look taken up a notch.

Currently not seeing the ideal features you want? If you dont see it, create it. Get dimensional and enjoy Fashion Brow 3D Contouring Palette at a discounted price of only Php250 (regular SRP: Php299) starting November 13 until December 31, 2015. Products are exclusively imported and distributed by Maybelline New York and are available nationwide in all Maybelline counters. For more information about Maybelline, please visit