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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Big Nivea Sale Price List

So it's the most awaited time of the year when it comes to Nivea! I made a small haul last year when Nivea had their sale, and this year I made a small deo haul hahaha. In light of that, I have here the price list for all Nivea products whose regular prices and sale prices I know of. 

DISCLAIMER: Please note that promo varies from store to store based on stocks and availability, so please do not use my name when you want to argue with sales staff hahaha. Prices reflected here may be a little different amongst different stores due to fluctuations in pricing, and since I may not update this often, prices may change as months pass. Also, this is not yet the most complete list, so I will be coming back to this post whenever I get new information.

Nivea Sun
1.) Nivea Sun Lotion SPF30 75mL (SRP Php290) (Sale Php145
2.) Nivea Sun Lotion SPF30 125mL (SRP Php400) (Sale Php200
3.) Nivea Sun Lotion SPF50 75mL (SRP Php340) (Sale Php170
4.) Nivea Sun Lotion SPF50 125mL (SRP Php510) (Sale Php255
5.) Nivea Sun Protect and Light Feel 15mL (SRP Php230) (Sale Php115
6.) Nivea Sun Whitening Lotion SPF 30 75mL(SRP Php320) (Sale Php160
7.) Nivea Sun Whitening Lotion SPF30 125mL (SRP Php480) (Sale Php240
8.) Nivea Sun Whitening Lotion SPF50 125mL  (SRP Php560) (Sale Php280
9.) Nivea Sun Protect and Refresh Cooling Mist Spray 200mL (SRP Php620) (Sale Php315
10.) Nivea Sun Protect and Bronze SPF20 200mL (SRP Php670) (Sale Php335
11.) Nivea Sun Cooling After Sun Spray 200mL (SRP Php290) (Sale Php145
12.) Nivea Sun Kids Lotion SPF50 125mL (SRP Php510) (Sale Php255
13.) Nivea Sun Kids Sun Spray SPF50 (SRP Php490) (Sale Php245

Nivea Ladies' Deodorant
1.) Nivea Deodorant Whitening Roll On 25mL (SRP Php60) (Sale Php30
2.) Nivea Deodorant Whitening Roll On 50mL (SRP Php100) (Sale Php50
3.) Nivea Deodorant Dry Comfort Stick 40mL (SRP Php170) (Sale Php85
4.) Nivea Deodorant Dry Comfort Spray 150mL (SRP Php190) (Sale Php95)
5.) Nivea Deodorant Pearl and Beauty Stick 40mL (SRP Php180) (Sale Php90)
6.) Nivea Deodorant Pearl and Beauty Spray 150mL (SRP Php190) (Sale Php95)
7.) Nivea Deodorant Black and White Clear Spray 150mL (SRP Php210) (Sale Php105)
8.) Nivea Deodorant Black and White Clear Roll On 25mL (SRP Php53) (Sale Php26)
9.) Nivea Deodorant Black and White Clear Roll On 50mL (SRP Php96) (Sale Php47)
10.) Nivea Deodorant Double Effect Roll On 25mL (SRP Php48) (Sale Php24)
11.) Nivea Deodorant Energy Fresh Roll On 25mL (SRP Php43) (Sale Php21)
12.) Nivea Deodorant Extra Whitening Roll On 25mL (SRP Php52) (Sale Php26)
13.) Nivea Deodorant Extra Whitening Roll On 50mL (SRP Php95) (Sale Php47)
14.) Nivea Deodorant Extra Whitening Stick 40mL (SRP Php160) (Sale Php80)
15.) Nivea Deodorant Extra Whitening Spray 60mL (SRP Php103) (Sale Php51)

Nivea Ladies' Lotion and Body Care
1.) Nivea Extra Whitening Repair and Protect Lotion 250mL (SRP Php230) (Sale Php115)
2.) Nivea Whitening Repair and Protect Milk 250mL (SRP Php205) (Sale Php102)
3.) Nivea Whitening Repair and Protect Milk 125mL (SRP Php130) (Sale Php65)
4.) Nivea Express Hydration Body Lotion 125mL (SRP Php82) (Sale Php41)
5.) Nivea Instant White Firming Lotion SPF15 250mL (SRP Php230) (Sale Php115)
6.) Nivea Creme 30mL (SRP Php72) (Sale Php36)
7.) Nivea in Shower Body Lotion 250mL (SRP Php155) (Sale Php77)
8.) Nivea Intensive Moisture SPF 25 Body Serum 75mL (SRP Php105) (Sale Php52)
9.) Nivea Shower Body Lotion Whitening 100mL (SRP Php120) (Sale Php60)

Nivea Ladies' Skincare
1.) Nivea Extra White Repair Foam 100g (SRP Php150) (Sale Php75)
2.) Nivea Deep Cleansing Mud Foam 100g (SRP Php150) (Sale Php75)
3.) Nivea Extra White Repair Scrub 50g (SRP Php99) (Sale Php49)
4.) Nivea UV SPF25 Whitening Serum 75mL (SRP Php114) (Sale Php57)

Nivea Mens' Deodorant
1.) Nivea for Men Cool Kick Stick 40mL (SRP Php180) (Sale Php90) 
2.) Nivea for Men Cool Kick Roll On 25mL (SRP Php50) (Sale Php25)
3.) Nivea for Men Cool Kick Roll On 50mL (SRP Php90) (Sale Php45)
4.) Nivea for Men Cool Kick Spray 50mL (SRP Php90) (Sale Php45)
5.) Nivea for Men Cool Kick Roll On 150mL (SRP Php180) (Sale Php90)
6.) Nivea for Men Dry Impact Stick 40mL (SRP Php180) (Sale Php90)
7.) Nivea for Men Dry Impact Spray 150mL (SRP Php200) (Sale Php100
8.) Nivea for Men Dry Impact Roll On 25mL (SRP Php50) (Sale Php25)
9.) Nivea for Men Fresh Active Spray 150mL (SRP Php200) (Sale Php100)
10.) Nivea for Men Silver Protect Stick 40mL (SRP Php190) (Sale Php95)
11.) Nivea for Men Silver Protect Spray 150mL (SRP Php180) (Sale Php90)
12.) Nivea for Men Silver Protect Roll On 25mL (SRP Php53) (Sale Php26)
13.) Nivea for Men Silver Protect Spray 50mL (SRP Php100) (Sale Php50)
14.) Nivea for Men Black n White Power Roll On 25mL (SRP Php53) (Sale Php26)
15.) Nivea for Men Black n White Power Roll On 50mL (SRP Php100) (Sale Php50)
16.) Nivea for Men Black n White Power Spray 150mL (SRP Php53) (Sale Php26)
17.) Nivea Men Deo Sport Spray 150mL (SRP Php180) (Sale Php90)

Nivea Men Lotion and Body Care 
1.) Nivea Men Whitening Repair and Protect 250mL (SRP Php215) (Sale Php107)
2.) Nivea Men Revitalizing Lotion 250mL (SRP Php180) (Sale Php90)

Nivea Men Skincare 
1.) Nivea Men Age Repair Q10 Moisture Gel 50mL (SRP Php370) (Sale Php185)
2.) Nivea Men Multi Effect 8 Moisture Gel 50mL (SRP Php190) (Sale Php95)
3.) Nivea Men Whitening Facial Foam 50g (SRP Php105) (Sale Php52)
4.) Nivea Men Whitening Acne Oil Control Facial Scrub 50g (SRP Php110) (Sale Php55)

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