Weee! I'm so happy to talk about something new today! This isn't makeup related, but party lovers can now rejoice as Pringles launches its first music campaign in Philippines this month with its limited edition Pringles Party Speakers!!! Having brought life to parties around the world from the United States to Australia, Japan and Thailand, the highly anticipated Pringles Party Speakers offers crisp sound for party-goers, audiophiles and snack fanatics.

Designed to embody the Pringles philosophy, “You don’t just eat ‘em, you party with ‘em”, the speakers offer a unique portable device that easily attaches to the top of any iconic cylindrical Pringles can. Its ability to interconnect seamlessly from speaker to speaker helps amplify the overall volume and atmosphere just by plugging to your phone, MP3 player or laptop. The result is a pop-and-play party, anytime, anywhere!

Looking for a creative way to impress your date? Hop to the beat with your partner at the West Coast Swing accompanied by music blasted from Pringles Party Speakers. Searching for a friendly ice-breaker? Create the longest interconnected party chain with your team mates and friends by linking each speaker together. Or revel as the life of the party by pairing the Party Speakers with the top ten party hits and dance up a storm!

 “At Pringles, music, fun and flavour go hand-in-hand. We believe in bringing individuals, families, friends and communities together for an immersive party experience, enabling spontaneous moments of fun snack time in social occasions,” explained Anoop Abraham, Commercial Marketing Director of Emerging Markets Asia Pacific Snacks.

Available for a limited period only from March 1 2016 to May 15 2016, or until stocks last, there are only 25,000 Party Speakers available nationwide. Simply purchase a Pringles Bundle Pack (2 x 150gm), visit www.pringles.com, look for the Pringles Party Speaker tab, use the unique code inside the Pringles Bundle Pack Box to complete the claim form, pay the 25Php deliver fee (to be paid VIA PAYPAL) and the Pringles Party Speaker will be delivered to your doorstep within 60 days. This is in collaboration with Quantium Solutions – regional logistics provider and a member of the Singapore Post group of companies.

For those of you who are curious, these are the specs of the speakers! 
Speaker Specifications:

Speaker Type                   
52 mm Multi Media Speaker
Speaker Impendance     
Audio Line in                    
3.5mm Stereo Mino Plug
Output Power                  
3Watts (Rated)
Frequency Responses    
Power Indicator              
3xAAA/LP03 Size, DC1.5V

Did You Know?
·       Daisy chain 20 Pringles Party Speakers with your friends to amplify the music and elevate the party experience!
·       Surprisingly crisp audio for a small, portable speaker - Pringles Party Speakers sound better than in-built laptop speakers.
·       The speakers come in three visually stunning designs, promising added fun and spontaneity to any party!
·       Only 25,000 limited-edition Pringles Party Speakers up for grabs in Philippines
·       Compatible with all smartphones and mp3 players so you can set up an on-the-spot music station after enjoying your can of chips!

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