The first and the most trusted skin care brand when it comes to Dead Sea Mineral based skin care
products brings us another innovative and unique concept this quarter.

Aqua Mineral has brought us a wide array of cosmetics ranging from the basic skin care to anti
aging products to men’s care sets and the most amazing and awesome products when it comes to
And now they have just launched the first salt room in the country! Yes, SALT. Look at this beauty! 

This concept was conceived and inspired by the hundreds of years old Natural Salt Caves of Europe which have been in the news as salt miners are rarely, if at all, ever sick. With this newfound elixir of health the concept of salt rooms or halo-therapy centers was born. This technology has been enjoyed by many western countries, as Salt Therapy is recommended for various ailments and illnesses.

Aqua Mineral’s salt rooms are virtually all surface covered with three different kinds of salt – Sea
Salt, Dead Sea Salt and Himalayan Salt. All of which have their own unique health benefits to boast and has so many write ups and review about them.

Aqua Mineral embraces and celebrates the power of nature’s oldest crystal. The Salt rooms provide
you a dry, sterile and pollutant-free environment. Salt therapy is safe non-invasive and is naturally
anti-inflammatory and enriched with negative ions. The more negative ions you are exposed to, the
better and more energized you feel! Salt therapy is recommended as a positive addition to regular
medical care and is offered as an alternative and complimentary healing method, thus expanding
treatment options.

With this launching of the salt room, the Philippines can now enjoy the privileges of having salt
caves like Europe. Visit them at Robinson’s Malate, Gateway Mall and Century City Mall. Usage of the salt room was explained to be at Php3800/hour, but this rate can be discounted or can be waived altogether if you purchase a good number of Aqua Mineral products. For queries on how much you need to buy to get a discount or get it for free, or for any
queries, please contact them at or

Instagram @aquamineralph, Twitter @aquamineral_ph.